Click Happy Summer Academy HQ

Action Step 1: Congrats and Load the Apps

Congrats you are in the Click Happy Summer Academy

First of all congrats, you were hand-picked by your school or you self selected to be challenged this summer.   You, my dear, are not a slacker.  Nope, you are someone with grit, curiosity, vision, and creativity.  You are not afraid to push yourself.  You know you have more growing and learning to do and you love a challenge. And because of this, you can consider yourself part of the Click Happy Crew.  Welcome.  We can't promise it will be easy (nothing really worth doing ever is) but we can promise you will have fun.

We officially start on the 20th of December but before then there are some things that you need to do to get ready.

  1. There are two programs you need to download on to your device for the program to work for you.
    1. Links to those apps are found here:
  2. Once you have downloaded those programs then you will sign up for a Message board in your region and any other board you feel drawn to.

Step 2: Join The Click Happy HQ Channel

Follow this link to join the National Channel

This is the board where announcements are made and where the weekly content and challenges are dropped each Monday.

Each Tuesday is where the finalists will be announced for each region and where you get to vote for the national prize winner.

Step 3: Join your Regional Board -

this is where you will post your challenge images and where you can go to get feedback on your images.   This is also where you will vote for the weekly regional winner of "Who shot it best"  Select your regional board below.


Optional:  Join a Specialty Board

Great now you are ready to start.

Go to the Click Happy HQ Page and download your precourse info and challenges that you can do before we officially start on the 20th of December.

Click Happy Summer Academy HQ

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