Welcome to our Cellphonography Course.

This is our resource page for the day.  So keep this tab open on your phone.


Plan for the Day

0930-10:00 - Tech Support


Telegram Chanel to join.  Use for today then stay in touch young artists from around the country.
10:00-1020 - Karakia - Welcome - What to expect

Days intent

  • Learn to use your cellphone like a DSLR
  • Extend your creative community
  • Photo gratitude scavenger hunt

What do you love? 4 corners of preference

Step to the line

  • iso
  • shutter speed
  • white balance
  • aperature
  • focus lock
  • vertical panorama
  • Composing images
  • all over comfort
    • fold in half
    • groups of 4-six

The Human Camera

Getting Under the Hood.

  • Downloading Lightroom
  • How to take photos with your cellphone using manual settings like a DSLR
  • Aperature
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • Focal lock
  • Live Mode (apple)
    • key frames
    • shutter speed
  • Pro Mode in Android
  • RAW mode or DNG
  • Exposure compensation
  • Practice Session
    • Playing with Shutter speed
    • freeze motion
    • blur motion
  • Upload your first images

12-12:30 Lunch

12:30 - 1:30 Composition


Scavenger hunt

  • 6 images that show something you are grateful for.
    • one portrait using framing showing believable emotion
    • one object using showing juxtaposition.
    • one scene using leading lines
    • one animal using rule of thirds
    • one urban architecture with a straight horizon line showing functionality.
    • one image showing beauty in the often overlooked.
    • submit as a team
    • remember gratitude

1:45 - 2:40 Lightroom Post Production

  • How to make your work pop
  • Lighting
  • Colour
  • Details
  • Exporting
  • Making Presets

2:40-3:00  Wrap up, homework, Karakia




This is where you submit images taken in the class.

Telegram channel to join


This is where you post images and stay in touch with each other after the class..this is also where I will post challenges.



Submit as a group

winning group wins tshirts

those wanting to continue to study with Click Happy can submit a personal collection of the 6 images requested here and you will get a tshirt and further challenges and support through zoom and the telegram channel.  End goal is to become a photographer who supports a local non profit.


Cromwell 21

Feedback Form (Anonymous)

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0= no idea 10 = I know how
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0 what is ISO? 10 Yep I understand
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0 What is the exposure slider? 10 Yep I got that down now.
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0 = Sorry but not likely - All the way to 10 = Absolutely
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