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Well someone thinks you rock. 

Both as a photographer and a human. Because you have been shoulder tapped to see if you are interested in doing something photographically to make a difference to kids all over the world in this time of challenge. 


Hi.  I’m Mandi Lynn.  I am a Kiwi/American photographer/film-maker who had to do something to help during Covid-19.  I am sure you are like me and you are trying to figure out what you can do when you have to stay in your bubble.  Well you are in luck. I am searching for 25 very special photographers to help curate a section of images for the Click Happy Isolation Challenge.  Click Happy is a program that I have developed to use photography to teach self-compassion to girls struggling with body shame. 


The thing is, self-compassion is what we ALL need right now. 

Because self-compassion leads to balanced empathy and compassion for others.  We need tools to help us process our incredibly conflicting emotions at the moment.  So now that I can’t be with my Click Happy girls in person I have decided to take the photography challenges and make it free for kids all over the world.  The end result will be a rainbow of images that will need to be curated. I could do it. But I figured it would be much cooler to create an opportunity for other amazing photographers to give back to the world in some way.  All I know is it has helped me deal with this crazy time. So maybe it might help you in some way too. 

Our vision is to do three things with the images.   

  • Create an immediate Instagram exhibition so kids have somewhere to go to experience a tenant of mindful self-compassion which is “common humanity”
  • Get funding to create a book with the curated images in the end
  • Create a physical exhibition as a worldwide historical marker of the Pandemic through the eyes of the world’s youth.  

The words in the book will come primarily from the mouth of the young photographers. 


Your mission if you choose to accept it

  • I need to know your favourite colours so that I can assign you that collection if at all possible. 
  • Send me a 1 paragraph bio
  • Send me a photograph of yourself


Nothing About Us Without Us

The submitted images will first be vetted by my team to make sure that all the images submitted meet the criteria and are appropriate for viewing by youth.  Then that folder will be given to a group of youth curators to select for appeal by their age group.   They will then give you up to 100 images to make your selection of 18.   They will get to vote on two wild card images.  One that will make the book and one that will make the Instagram feed.

You will then take the 100 images and select 8 for the book and 8 for the Instagram feed. Generosity bonus points for giving creative feedback to the young photographer on each image and why their image was selected to be part of the exhibition.   You are also welcome to create an honourable mention folder that we can draw from for other purposes if you find images that you feel deserve mention. 

That’s it.  Oh and if you could suggest one or two other photographers that you feel are amazing and would fit this project well (they must have generous hearts, be world-class inspiring photographers, and like kids). 

So just fill in the form below and boom you are in!!!!



Mandi Lynn

Founder Director of Every Body is a Treasure Charitable Trust

Past winner of New Zealand’s Creative Photographer of the Year

Arts-Based Youth Worker


P.S. You will be joined by Myself and:


Richard Wood

Rachel Callander + Nathan Maddigan

Esther Bunning

Tony Carter

Huy Nguyen

Tony Hewitt

Tony Bridge

Magdalena Berny



Curators Section

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