Summer Academy

Congratulations - Your teacher / youth leader / librarian has chosen you to receive a scholarship to Click Happy Summer Academy.  They either saw grit or talent in you.  And Grit and Photographic Talent is what you will further develop in our program.


Learn Visual Story Telling and Documentary and Street Photography Skills

In the Click Happy Summer Academy, you get to learn alongside talented young artists from around the country.

The goal is to develop your photography skills and help you become a powerful visual storyteller.

You will get to learn how to use your cellphone or DSLR camera in manual settings.  This will give you greater creative control over your imagery.

Your tutor is a past winner of New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year.


Photography | Philosophy | Philanthropy

Step 1 Photography

Step 1: Photography

  • You learn manual settings on your DSLR or Phone (to give you more creative control)
  • Composition skills
  • Creative storytelling
  • Documentary Photography Skills
  • Street Photography Skills
  • How to edit your photographs in Lightroom ( a free app)
  • Weekly photographic challenges to help you develop your natural talents and learn image critiquing skills.

Step 2  Philosophy


  • The photography challenges are also wellbeing challenges that help you build creative grit and self-compassion.
  • Our brand of philosophy is called HeArtivism and helps you become smarter in 4 brains, not just one
    • Head (Wairau / Inspiration / Problem Solving / Critical Thinking)
    • Heart (Aroha / Human Connections / Communication / Self compassion)
    • Guts (Mana / Character-Based / Emotional / Intuitive / Skill mastery)
    • Ground (Papatuanuku / Community / Environmental Stewardship / Service beyond self )
  • We help you to understand where you are blocking your best work and give you tools that can help to shift those blocks.

Step 3: Philanthropy


By successfully completing Click Happy Summer School you will then be in the running to win a scholarship to Click Happy Plus where you are shown how to use your photography as a philanthropist.  You are also mentored by award-winning professional photographers.

  • A philanthropist is a person who donates time, money, experience, skills or talent to help create a better world.
  • In our program, we learn photography so that we can create content for our favourite charities.
  • The added benefit is that by helping the charities with their creative communication challenges, we make ourselves more relevant in the rapidly changing job market that is in need of creative, resilient, innovators.  Win - Win.



Sounds Great!  How does it work?

Who is the course for?

  • Creative Youth aged year 8 and above (each selected school gets up to 10 scholarships to distribute)
  • Youth who want their art to make a difference in the world.
  • For curious youth
  • For young artists
  • For those who would like to possibly take art or photography in High School and would like a headstart.
  • For potential future entrepreneurs who want to know how to photograph and market their work.
  • For those who want to use their photography as a tool for their social activism
  • For content creators or those who want to be
  • For those that want to learn to be better photographers and visual storytellers
  • For youth who want to learn what might be blocking their best creative work and who want tools to remove those blocks.

Click Happy Summer Academy is a Hybrid Program

  • Part of it is online
    • The initial lessons (One hour once a week on Zoom plus online reading)
    • The posting of the images on our telegram channel for feedback
  • Part of it is practical
    • You are given a photographic challenge and have to go outside into the real world to answer the challenge.
    • Ideally, you get to go on photographic adventures and see things from new perspectives.

How much of a time commitment is this?  I'm sick of zoom school and just want a break...

  • Completely feel ya.  But for the record there are no grades in this.  You automatically get an A from the start of the class...that will be explained.
  • The reading of course materials will probably take about 15 minutes a week.
  • The zoom is for an hour and is optional but you will get lots from it.
  • The practical photography experiments can take one second to click one shot to hours to experiment and play your way into an image you love...that is all up to you.
  • As with most things in life you will get out of it what you put into it.  The more curiosity and play the better your photography will become.

Start date:

20 December  -First challenge and tutorial drops

22 December - First Zoom session 10am repeating every Wednesday for 6 weeks.

You must complete your registration by the 18th of December




What gear do I need?

  • Access to a cellphone or camera that has manual settings
    • to get manual settings on your phone just download the free version of Adobe Lightroom.
    • manual settings on a camera are usually an "M" on the dial on the top if you aren't sure ask a teacher, camera shop, or local camera club.
  • Access to the internet to upload your images onto the Telegram channel and to receive the course materials.
  • If you don't have anything like this do remember that the course starts 3 days before Christmas...hint hint.  Or just ask someone in the family if you can constantly borrow their phone for the course...and then drop the previous hint. ;).  (We use cellphones that have pretty epic cameras in them that cost around $350.00 dollars new (OPPO and Motorola), and you can also sometimes get used DSLR cameras for around $350 - $450.00...look for ones that have a 50mm lens with them ideally as opposed to a twin lens kit,  the 50 or 35mm lens is better for street photography.)
  • The newer the phone the better the camera typically but an older iPhone 10 or newer will have a very good camera on it.  With androids, you usually need one that is new to two years old to have a decent camera on it.   The more cameras on the back usually the better, but to be honest we can teach you the basics on any cellphone as long as it has at least one camera).
  • also in a pinch, you could use an iPad or tablet with a camera to take the course and then do heaps of chores to save up money to upgrade.



I want to do it but I might be away from the internet at a bach or something for part of the course.

  • Awesome.  That will give your shots even more variety and isn't a problem. Just let us know and we can give you the assignments that you will be working on while you are away and you can experiment at the bach with your camera.
  • We will be recording the zoom sessions so you can catch up when you get back as well.

Do I need to continue to the Philanthropy / Mentorship part of the course?

  • Nope, but you will probably want to as you will have made friends and you will be able to continue to develop your creative community if you carry on. You will need to complete the Summer School before you could be considered for the advanced course.









I'm in!  How do I sign up?

First download this file and have your parents fill it in.
Photograph it or have a digital copy with their signature and have it ready for when you register.

PLEASE NOTE: The course started on the 20th December and only runs for 6 weeks.

If your submission is late, you can be included in the next Course starting in Term 1

Once you have a completed Permission form (above)... Fill out the following and upload your permission form.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

If you think you have signed up but haven't heard from us please check this list of those that we have signed up so far

Current as of 13Dec2021 9 a.m.

Katie Henderson
Ahsburton intermidite
Georgia Vallance Aotea College
Shay Carney Aotea college
Keira Piper
arapohue primary school
Eden Piper Arapohue school
Cheryl Bodie-Rouse
Ashburton Intermediate School
Jay (Ash) Murray Aurora College
Kate Anderson Aurora College
Liam Fairhurst Aurora College
Lillia McNatty Aurora College
Ngawairoa O'kane Aurora college
Ngawairoa O'kane Aurora College
Shikana Hughes Aurora College
Sinead Lefale Aurora College
Texas-Rose Moody Aurora College
Ziggy Olson
Aurora College, Invercargill in 2022
Jo Matthews Awahono School
Amelia North
Awahono School - Grey Valley
Annabelle Coates
Awahono School - Grey Valley
Cameron Delany
Awahono School - Grey Valley
Hannah Claassen
Awahono School - Grey Valley
Kiana Cook
Awahono School - Grey Valley
Mackley Hobbs
Awahono School - Grey Valley
Marieke Badenhorst
Awahono School - Grey Valley
Vanessa Wallace
Awahono School - Grey Valley
Bella Ann-Maree Wilson
Awahono school- Grey Valley
Leroy Maluki Belfast
Amber Wing
Belfast Primary School
Ashly Dai Belfast School
Avryl Dai Belfast School
Leandri Du Preez Belfast School
Luna Vickers Belfast School
Andrew Duncan
Carisbrook School
Erena Piho
Carisbrook School
Fo'ou Lihau
Carisbrook School
Hamiora Taiapa-Tamatea
Carisbrook School
Huria Pokipoki
Carisbrook School
Jayla Paulo
Carisbrook school
Nikau Edmonds
Carisbrook School
Ranveer Prasad
Carisbrook School
Richard Robson
Carisbrook School
Yazan Ghanam
Carisbrook School
Agape Genet
Carisbrook School Dunedin
Elise Vacherand Carmel Collage
Amber Lee Carmel College
Chelsea Brown Carmel College
Diane Miller Carmel College
Gabrielle (Gabbie) Warner Carmel College
Mia Morris Carmel College
Olga Hing carmel college
Phoenix Rockell Carmel College
Seanna Watson Carmel College
Jessica Bowness Carncot
Emma Macpherson
Carncot Independent School
Kath Keir
Central Hawke's Bay College
Veronica Mills
Central Hawke's Bay College
Anja Lyon
Central Hawkes Bay College
Chloe Jacinto
Central Hawkes Bay College
Oceania Edmonds
Central hawkes bay college
Rheanne Rusden
Central HawkesBay College
Willow Layne
Central hawks bay collage
Jiji Davis
Chilton Saint James
Phoebe Bridger-Atkins
Chilton St James
Claudia Rowse
christchurch girls high school
Jen Anderson
Christchurch Girls High School
Phoebe Yarham
Christchurch Girls’ High School
Emma Smith Cobden
Heidi Newcombe Cobden School
Tyler Smith Cobden school
Kassey Webster
Coley Street School
Lilly Fulton
Coley Street School
Megann Martin
Coley Street School
Amber Gray
Cornerstone Christian School
jacqui jones
Cromwell College
Lily Bateson
Cromwell College
Milasa Finau
Cromwell College
Denis Tocker
Denis Tocker- Redwoodtown School
Biunka Reuben
East Otago High school
Lily Roach
East Otago High School
Ruqayat Olatomiwa Bodija
Edmund Hillary School
Ava Thomas
Feilding agricultural high school
Luca Fono
Fergusson Intermediate
Lucy Marie Benson
Fergusson Intermediate
Tayla Dyhrberg
Fergusson intermediate
Scarlett Robinson
Fergusson intermediate school
Amber Taylor
Foxton Primary School
Nyeemah Ching
Foxton Primary School
Ngapera Arthur-Witika Glen Innes
Arama Ruahe
Glen Innes School
Aria Rose Tumata
Glen Innes School
Caroline Fifita
Glen Innes School
Deanne Faleni
Glen Innes School
Deanne Faleni
Glen Innes School
Hevaha Fiva
Glen Innes School
Isiah Bennet
Glen Innes School
Sam Taufa
Glen Innes School
Samisoni Taufa
Glen Innes School
Sau Manu
Glen Innes School
Sau Manu
Glen Innes School
Tumanaako Rakai
Glen Innes School
Elisabeth Ernst
Green Bay High School
Jayden Thalari
Hadlow Preparatory School, Masterton
Jumana Fouda
Hamilton Girls' High School
Emma Wharerau
Hasting Intermediate
Angelina weaver
Hastings intermediate
Fiona Openshaw
Hastings Intermediate
Hannah West
Hastings intermediate
Te Aroha Mohi
Hastings intermediate
Balkirat Kaur Rai
Hastings Intermediate School
Emma Lawson
Hastings Intermediate School
Layla Eaton
Hastings Intermediate School
shaun karaitiana
Tucker Watson Hataitai School
Natalee McCormack
Hauraki high school
Charlie O'Neill
Hauraki Plains College
Cooper Green
Hauraki Plains College
Danny Sayer
Hauraki Plains College
Isaac Smith
Hauraki Plains College
Summer Warmington
Hauraki Plains College
Clara Broadbent Homeschooler
Abigail Mirko Howick College
Alysha Jeffs Howick College
Kara Henderson Howick College
Sarrah Shapley Howick College
Susan OGrady Howick college
Suvesh Shankar Howick College
Talia Kennedy Howick college
Amanda Harvey
Hutt intermediate
Skyla Ochkas-Bonner
Hutt Intermediate
Umandi Minara Dadallagei
Hutt Intermediate
Alice Andrews
Hutt Intermediate School
Belinda Chapman
Hutt Intermediate School
Kayleigh Wallace
Hutt intermediate school
jack williams jack williams
Tara MacKay
Kaikorai Valley College
Mayya Poutai Kaitaia College
Kaz Bartsch Kaz Bartsch
Tiana Forsman
Kedgley Intermediate
Allanah Yorwarth
Kedgley Intermediate School
Victoria Stevens KingsView
Lunè Erasmus
Kingsview School
Maria Campbell-Maunsell
Kohukohu School
Shiyan Zhang
Kowhai Intermediate school
Heidi MacKenzie Lakeview School
Jaimee Mobberley Lakeview School
Sarah Pettit Lakeview School
Leanne Burgess Leanne Burgess
Courtney Clark
levin intermediate school
Preston Menefy
Levin Intermediate School.
Lucas Murphy Lucas Murphy
Talan Stewart Mangateretere
Tania Stewart Mangateretere
Zahara Kaui Mangateretere
Dayton Rerekura-Pehi
Mangateretere School
Aradhna Sharma
Mangere Central School
Cindy Ashford
Mangere Central School
Sarah Whitton
Mangere Central School
Shehaam Abrahams
Mangere Central School
Shobhna Vallabh
Mangere Central School
Luisa Antonio
Mangere East Primary School
Terewai Selwyn Manunui School
Winter Te Ahuru Manunui School
Mayya Poutai
Maybe Homeschool - used to go to Ngataki
Kaye Gillies
Miramar Christian School
Isabel Hutana
Mount Hutt College
Charlie Manunui
Mountview School and Northern Health School
Anna Quigley
Mt Hutt Collage Methven
Zyra Daniella Pervera Mt.Hutt College
Sialele Pulou n/a
Charleagh kepa
Nae nae intermediate
Lily Sang Naenae
Bonnie Sue
Naenae Intermediate
Debbie Wilson
Naenae Intermediate
Liam Palmer
Naenae Intermediate
Mikayla Telea
Naenae Intermediate
Sabreen Berhane
Naenae intermediate
Te Miharo Tamatea-Turi Rei
Naenae Intermediate
Xavier Gillum
Naenae Intermediate
Aryam Albrahim
Naenae Intermediate school
Lindsey Song
Naenae Intermediate School
Marcia Waikato
Naenae Intermediate School
Stella de Ridder
Nelson College for Girls
Hannah Tahitahi Ngataki
Aaliyah Rutland Ngataki school
Santos Cachay Ngataki School
Watea Ashby Ngataki School
Yani Ferens Ngataki School
Ashley Steffek
Ngatea Primary School
Casey Davies
Ngatea Primary School
Logan Paton
Ngatea Primary School
Lola Barshai-Sherrock
Ngatea Primary school
Stephanie Baigent
Ngatea Primary School
Jude Garrett
Oamaru Intermediate
Monica Genet
Oamaru intermediate
Olivia Morriss
Oamaru intermediate
Aimee Nash
Oamaru intermediate school
Rosara Goldingham
Oamaru Intermediate School
Tilly Connolly
Oamaru Intermediate School
Lou Reed Okiwi
Betty Sanft Opotiki primary
Betty Sanft Opotiki primary
Faithe Hanrahan Ōpōtiki Primary
Irie Harawira Ōpōtiki Primary
Wairua Watene-Kowhai Ōpōtiki Primary
Jo Wilding Orewa College
Karissa Joyce Orewa College
Alicia Naidoo
Our Lady of the Snows School
Nessiah Soriano
Our Lady of the Snows School
Abigail Fraser Papakura High
Brian Nanse
Papakura High School
Jun Angeles
Papakura High School
kaylin Stowers-Joseph
Papakura High School
Troy Phillips
Papakura High School
Vienna Emau
Papakura High School
Sheik Rashaan
Papakurahigh school
Leisha Hodgson
Pauatahanui School
Deb Donnelly Porirua College
Katya Oksanenko
Queen's High School
Shade Williams-Dixon r
Lusia Anderson Redwoodtown
Ava Petersen
Redwoodtown school
Ba-Khoi Nguyen
RedWoodTown School
Ollie Clarke
Redwoodtown school
William Smith
Redwoodtown school
Ella Clarke
Redwoodtown School Blenheim
Tiana Nguyen
Redwoodtown school, Blenheim
Paige Horne
Amy Couprie Ridgway School
Tom Ballinger
Rotorua boys high school
Lia Chaves
Rototuna High School
Tony de Abreu
Rototuna High School
Rosa Armstrong
Rototuna High Schools
Skye Bowler
Rototuna Junior High
Dyuti Duppati
rototuna junior high school
Haylee Moeke
Rototuna Junior High School
Hannah Sharpe
Rototuna Senior High School
Hannah Sharpe
Rototuna Senior High School
Sudhir Duppati
rototuna senior high school
Sarah Gunn
Roxburgh Area School
Abinaya Rajamoohan
Royal Oak Intermediate
Mia Coote
Royal Oak Intermediate
Ruby Walsh
Royal Oak Intermediate
Skyler Pereira
Royal Oak Intermediate
Vicky Guan
Royal Oak Intermediate
Emma Zhang
Royal Oak Intermediate School
Briar Kirkwood-Allan
Royal Road School
Mary Herlihy
Royal Road School
Megan Richardson
Royal Road School
Natalia Matty
Royal Road School
Samantha Hooper
Royal Road School
Sarah Ellis
Royal Road School
Ruby naidanovici Ruby
Adrian Moka-Phillips
Rutherford Junior High School
Jessica Moka-Phillips
Rutherford Junior High School
Jessica Moka-Phillips
Rutherford Junior High School
Maatarena Taylor-Rerekura
Rutherford Junior High School
Maatarena Taylor-Rerekura
Rutherford Junior High School
Ngawai Huia
Rutherford Junior High School
Phoenix Mason
Rutherford Junior High School
Callum Holding
Saint Patricks College Silverstream
Emily Earles Samuel Marsden
Carys Seddon
Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Jessica Fong Selwyn College
Micaela Lizasoain Ren Selwyn College
Micaela Lizasoain Ren Selwyn College
Sivakami Sathyendran Selwyn College
Ulrich Kemp Selwyn College
Poinsetta Mati
Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate
Rose Fiso
Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate
Jessie Byrne
St Joseph's Oamaru (final year) Attending St Kevin's College Oamaru in 2022
Jessie Byrne
St Josephs Oamaru
Maia Cherrington
St marys college wellington
Jordan Mills
St Patrick's Collage Silverstream
Jo Thapa
St Pats College, Silverstream
Sydney Fremista
Sydney Fremista
Jill jackson Tapora
Jacob Papera Tapora School
Michelle Carmichael Tapora School
Maria Taylor
Taranaki Diocesan School
Kiera Devonport Tauhara
Anna Reid-Jones Tauhara College
Hannah Glasse Tauhara College
Penny Wilson Tauhara college
Sally Cunnington Tauhara college
Skye Barbour Tauhara College
Stevie Read Tauhara college
Caitlin Dunne
Taupo Nui a Tia College
Emily Mortimer
Taupo-Nui-A-Tia College
Reianne Walker
taupo-nui-a-tia college
Taylor Weston
Taupo-nui-a-Tia College
Aira Santos Tawa College
Katelyn Hernandez Tawa college
Chanel paton
Te awamutu intermediate
Madison Phillips
Te Awamutu Intermediate School
Nellie Coe Te Kura
Shayna Williams-olsen
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Hurungaterangi
Waireti Honana
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Hurungaterangi
Te Rina Kumeroa
Te Kura kaupapa maori o Ngati Ruanui
Zion Herbert-Kohunui
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Ngati Ruanui
Maramena Conrad
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Taumarunui
Patatai Takiwa
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Taumarunui
Dalayne Watene-Hakaria
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Hiringa
Kirimangu Boon
Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Hiringa
Cortez Rangi
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Whakarewa
Ella-Marie Robina Neilson
Te Kura o Mangateretere
kahlani dodds
Te Kura o Mangateretere
Briana Taylor
Te Kura/Northern Health School
Jo Noanoa
Te Wharekura o Arowhenua
Jonelle Renati-Tahuri
Te Wharekura o Ngāti Rongomai
Erica Tuwairua
Te wharekura o Ruatoki
Kathleen Harawira
Te Wharekura o Ruatoki
Paretapua Tipene
Te Wharekura o Ruatoki
Romania Tumoana
Te Wharekura O Ruatoki
Herman Harmzen
Teacher at Hauraki Plains College
Flynn Madsen
Teawamutu Intermediate school
Abbey Mobberley
Thames High School
Azariyah Simpson
Thames High School
Chloe Ferguson
Thames High School
Kayla Speed
Thames High School
Keira Hall
Thames High School
Maia Harrison
Thames High School
Samantha Bufton
Thames High School
Wikitoria Mita-Makiri
Thames High School
Meri Nuri
Tkkm o hurunga te rangi
Morgan Honana
TKKM O Hurungaterangi
Pihenga Takao
TKKM O Hurungaterangi
Rana Motu
TKKM o Te Hiringa (our satellite school is TKKM o Whakarewa i te reo ki Tūwharetoa)
Hinerangi Mitchell
TKKM o Whakarewa i te reo ki Tuwharetoa
Carol Bungard
Tokomairirio High School
Navaeh Hayward
Tokomairirio High School
Annie Graham
Tokomairiro High school
Isabella Mae Leyden
Tokomairiro High School
Kaitlin Mary Burgess
Tokomairiro High School
McKenzie Wyber
Tokomairiro high School
Kaydence Noye
Tokomairiro Highschool
Bethany Long
Tokoroa Intermediate
Ryder Miller
tokoroa intermediate
Kersty Stephenson
Tokoroa Intermediate School
marko olls
Tokoroa Intermediate School
Ron Creigh-Smith
Tokoroa Intermediate School
Stuart MacPherson
Tokoroa Intermidiate School
Stuart MacPherson
Tokoroa Intermidiate School
molly barnes
tomarata primary school
Cara Jackson Tomarata School
Jordyn Morehu-Isaacs
TTKM o Whakarewa i te reo ki Tuwharetoa
Coco Zhou
Upper Hutt College
Devin Carr
Upper Hutt College
Eden Ingerson
Upper Hutt College
Jianming Xie
Upper Hutt College
Juno Salmon
Upper Hutt College
Larissa Edwards
Upper Hutt College
Skyla-Rose Gee
Upper Hutt College
Kali Bishop
Upperhutt College
Miyah Raisin
Upperhutt college
Chrissy Paterson Waihi College
Greg Oudes Waihi College
Vicky McMillan Waihi College
Emmah Dempsey
Waikato Diocesan
Sophie Hansen
Waikato Diocesan School For Girls
Sapphire McGregor
Wainuiomata intermediate
Kaedyn Eastall
Wainuiomata intermediate school
Zac Goodall
Waiopehu college
Ivy Hale
Wairau Valley School
Mia Lasenby
Wairau Valley School
Sam Anderson
Wairau Valley School, Marlborough
Georgina Carter Trotman
Waitaki Girls High School
Natalie Windley
Waituna West School
Chase Morpeth
Wanganui High School
Jaydn Ashe
West Auckland Middle School
Taiwhakaea Melsom-Corbett
West Auckland Middle School
Dylan Muller Weston School
Zoe Denize Weston School
Keriana Whatarau Whakamaru
Chika Aryunda
Whakamaru School
Elizabeth morris
Whakamaru school
Ophelia-Rose Enright
Whakamaru School
Zara Westerbaan
Whakamaru School
Amber-Leigh Williamson
Whangamata area school
Cameron Christie
Whangamata Area school
Ella-Rose Luke
Whangamata Area School
Fiona Robson
Whangamata area school
Harrison Biddle
Whangamata Area School
Jos Watts
Whangamata Area school
Kiri Rogers
Whangamata area school
Lena McKillop
Whangamata Area School
Lulu Russell
whangamata area school
Maya Cooney
Whangamata area school
Nova Rowberry
Whangamata Area School
Carrie Burns
Whangamatā Area School
Lola Fisher
Whanganui Girls College
max hughes
Whanganui High School
Riley Heka
Whanganui High School
Samuel Gray
Whanganui high school
Amelia Neale
Whanganui High Schoool


Our wonderfully amazing brilliant funders & sponsors

Funders & Sponsors 2020/2021/2022

  • Far North
  • Rodney North Shore
  • Waitakere City
  • Manukau
  • Papakura Franklin
  • Kirikiriroa / Hamilton City
  • South Waikato
  • Rotorua
  • Tongariro
  • Hutt Valley
  • Wellington
  • Central Otago
  • Coastal Otago / Waitaki
  • Wairarapa
  • Kahungunu Ki Heretaunga
  • Tamatea / Tamaki-Nui-A-Rua
  • Great Barrier
  • Manawatu / Horowhenua
  • Whanganui / Waimarino / Rangitikei
  • Auckland City
  • South Taranaki
  • Marlborough
  • Mataatua
  • Whangarei / Kaipara

  • Invercargill
  • Henderson
  • Kaipatiki
  • Masterton
  • Manukau
  • Waikato
  • Hamilton
  • Wellington
  • West Auckland
  • Papakura
  • North Shore
  • Waitomo
  • Dunedin

And Youth Librarians! We had no idea how amazing these community treasures are until recently! Thank you to all of the Youth Librarians who have seen the beauty in the project and have invited us to bring it to their region and who are helping to spread the word. You have halved our work and quintupled the number of youth who get to experience this program. What gifts!


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