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Photography course + Award-winning wellbeing course = Creative community activism


“Great course with an high energy, very talented photographer. My daughter started to think out of
the box and loved the practical side to it. She learnt a lot. Wish I had that opportunity at her age.”

Step 1 Photography

Step 1: Photography

  • Up your photography game by being tutored by a past winner of New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year.
  • Attend a Click Happy Live event in your region.
    • You get an intro to manual settings and how to compose your photos to tell stronger stories.
    • You get to learn the #1 thing that makes the difference between a wannabe and a pro.
  • Or if you can't make a local event, sign up to get the online challenges.
  • You get a chance to compete for a scholarship for a two-term masterclass if you complete the first challenge.
    •  The master class is where we take a deep dive into photography, philosophy, and philanthropy.

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Step 2  Philosophy


  • The photography challenges are also wellbeing challenges that help you build creative grit and self-compassion.
  • Our brand of philosophy is called HeArtivism which helps you learn techniques to be more effective in bringing your ideas to life.
  • It is an action-based practical philosophy concerned with helping you to understand where you are blocking your best work and what you can do to correct those blocks.
  • HeArtivsm presents a toolbox that is a mash-up of Stoicism, ancient wellbeing frameworks and modern research-based methods for getting out of your own way and getting into the creative flow.
  • We unpack what is in our control, what we have partial control over, and what is out of our control and then we take steps to channel our energy where we can have the most impact for good.


“These 8 weeks have been a fantastic new experience for me. I was a little nervous at first to meet new people but I am very happy I got over that. There was definitely no reason to be
nervous! The contents of the coarse was great for a beginner like me, we learnt the basic techniques of photography and had a good amount of time to master them. The homework for
the coarse was challenging at times but it took up just the right amount of time. It taught me commitment and grit. Moreover this coarse wasn't just about photography, we talked a lot
about body image and compassion and we learnt to be kind to ourselves and others. Over all I am very glad to have participated, everyone was very welcoming and kind. Mandi, it was an
honour to learn from you, you are an amazing mentor! Thank you so much!”

Step 3: Philanthropy

  • A philanthropist is a person who donates time, money, experience, skills or talent to help create a better world.
  • Anyone can be a philanthropist, regardless of status or net worth.
  • It is about being strategic in how you empower others.
  • In our program, we learn photography so that we can create content for our favourite charities.
  • The added benefit is that by helping the charities with their creative communication challenges, we make ourselves more relevant in the rapidly changing job market that is in need of creative, resilient, innovators.  Win - Win.
  • We also learn that you don't have to be an adult to make a real difference.

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity…

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity you gave my daughter to participate at your Click Happy course!

In your course she met other girls of similar age and interest and explored her creativity in a very kind and safe environment. Not only did she learn the basics of photography, composition and presentation in a fun and playful manner, moreover the course concentrated on topics like self compassion , body compassion, emotional literacy, mindfulness and resilience. The participants explored emotional needs, learned how to express them artistically and how to present their work without fear of being exposed. Doing this they sometimes had to push through feelings of frustration with grit and tenacity and even ventured outside their comfort zone. The girls learned how to support each other and how to give and receive kind and constructive critique.

What a great tool for kids to learn at this age! I wished this could be part of every school curriculum.

At all times we parents were well informed and included. Several times you contacted us via phone to ensure the girls’ well-being especially when you touched on some more sensitive topics during your course. My daughter and I both felt very well looked after, cared for and safe throughout your course.

Mandi, I think you are an amazing mentor both for creativity and well-being and we hope that you will be able to continue with your great work.

Thank you!

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Starts 10May and runs until the end of Term 2

Upper Hutt Workshop Series

Runs for 8 weeks

Starts 18 May

First meeting is at Upper Hutt Library

Ages 10-22

Spaces available for 12 youth

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Masterton Workshop Series

Runs for 8 weeks

Starts 19 May

First meeting is at King Street Arts

Ages 10-22

Spaces available for 12 youth

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The Inspiration and Co-Developers

The Rewa HeArtivists were the co-developers of Click Happy.   This interview gives you insight as to their motivation.


The Facilitator: Mandi Lynn

Click Happy Camp-9392

Mandi is the lead facilitator and Founder and Director of Every Body is a Treasure Trust.  She also happens to be a past winner of New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year and has a bachelors in Nursing with a fellowship in Holistic Nursing.  She is a filmmaker, a judge in the national photography awards, and an Canon Eyecon Mentor.  Her vision is to create a national whanau of young creative change makers though Click Happy.




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And Youth Librarians!

We had no idea how amazing these community treasures are until recently!  Thank you to all of the Youth Librarians who have seen the beauty in the project and have invited us to bring it to their region and who are helping to spread the word.  You have halved our work and quintupled the number of youth who get to experience this program.   What gifts!



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