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Where a Photography Course meets an Award-winning wellness course.

  • Click Happy is where Photography meets Philosophy
  • It is a program that uses visual storytelling to dig below your surface and to help you connect with your creative spirit.
  • It started as a means to help girls develop self-compassion to combat body shame but we realized that self-compassion was needed everywhere not just in young girls.
  • Our pilot project won the Health and Wellbeing category for the Wellington community awards and we have only gotten better since the pilot projects.
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Pilot program intake timer.

Spaces limited to 35 for the online free pilot of this program.

Once we get a handle on it we will make room for more.

So put your details below and we will let you know when space opens up.



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Who is Click Happy for?

Youth 10-14


Youth 15-18


Adults 19-109


Whats in the Free Course?

3 Days of Photography Training where you will Learn:

  • How to use the Manual Settings on your camera (no more dark figures with bright backgrounds)
  • The difference between
    • Shutter Speed
    • Aperature
    • ISO¬† (so that you can gain control of your camera)
  • Conceptual Photography (photography that challenges you to think about life)
  • Framing and Layouts (so you can take more interesting photographs)
  • How to save your files so that you can always find them again.
  • How to critique yours and others images with compassion and helpful insight.

3 weeks of photography challenges

Potential for some of your images to be featured in the Click Happy Online Exhibition.


What sort of camera do I need?



  • A DSLR (any brand)
  • A cellphone camera - any brand as long as there is a camera on it.
  • A film camera if you are lucky enough to have access to a darkroom and have a scanner to send us your digitized image.

Deeper dive courses available 


Photography + Wellness Youth 10-18

Click Happy Plus

Adult Classes

Click Happy Zen


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