2021 Click Happy Challenges

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9 Chances to be considered for a scholarship.  Be in to win.   Looking for talent and grit.

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What is Click Happy?

It is a wellbeing program for 8-22 year olds folded inside a photography program taught by a past winner of New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year.  You can use your camera or cellphone to participate.   We use project-based learning to develop skills while at the same time making our community a better place to live.

The Four Stages of Click Happy 2021

  • Term 1 - Click Happy Live
    • Live Events to learn more about photography and wellbeing
    • 6 Photographic Challenges
      • These put you in the running for a place in the Click Happy Crew Leaders program
  • Term 2 - Click Happy Crew - By invitation
    • 5 Scholarships per region (for youth aged 10-22) - This could be you...
    • 3 Scholarships per region for adult mentors.
    • Learn Documentary Photography skills
    • Learn Impact Marketing skills (using your photography to impact positive change in your community).
    • Learn Leadership skills necessary to establish a Click Happy Community program
  • Term 3 - Practical experience
    • use your new skills to create an impact marketing campaign for a local non-profit whose values you share.
    • Then as a group create your own impact marketing campaign to launch Click Happy Community (Youth photography + Wellbeing Club)
  • Term 4 - Establish Click Happy Community
    • Meets once a month with local youth to lay down photographic challenges and share your knowledge.
    • As a group at least 2 times a year you work with a non-profit and create an impact marketing campaign for their work.


2021 Click Happy Challenges

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