Ashburton Library – Visual Poetry Jam (23 March 2023)

Ashburton Library – Visual Poetry Jam (23 March 2023)

The Visual Poetry Jam Workshop at Ashburton Library brought local students and homeschoolers together for a day of creative exploration. The workshop aimed to nurture photography skills, encourage community engagement, and spark a lasting passion for creativity.

The workshop started with an interactive session on cellphone settings, followed by post-production techniques and honing their skills through a photowalk, capturing the surroundings.

An exciting element was the presence of Gritty the Irish Doodle, offering students a chance to practice pet portraiture and enhance their photography skills in an engaging way.

Observing participants evolve into visual storytellers was truly rewarding. The collective enthusiasm, growth, and connections made during the workshop were remarkable.

Appreciation goes out to everyone involved, including the library staff, students, teachers, parents, and Gritty, for making this workshop a memorable experience. Here’s to fostering creativity and inspiring future endeavors!

We created a TikTok video of the behind the scenes of the day (@Clickhappyadventures)

Support provided by
Ashburton Public Library
Ashburton District Council
Ashburton District Creative Communities
New Zealand Lotteries