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Step 1: Create your Gratitude 100 Portfolio

Find your link below under your name and then create a portfolio from the Template.

cover template

How to create your Portfolio

First read these instructions and then look for your personal link below.

Inside the Gratitude 100 Playbook you will find 100 pages to lay out your images plus extra information on the power of gratitude.  There are pages to put your scavenger hunt challenge answers and also links where you can submit your challenges as we will be building content for Create Happy Social media and books from your combined work.

So make a copy of the template by first going to the library button below the template.  It looks like this:

Then go to the copy book part of the dropdown menu.

Now decorate the heck out of the front cover so that you can find yours easily in the library.

If for what ever reason your name doesn't appear in the links below or if you are stuck please email us and we will help you out.

Book Creator Personal Links


(If you are not listed, send us an email - )


Aaliyah Pomare

Aaliyah Rutland

Abby Robertson

Abi OG

Adam Stock

Alex Jack

Alexander Bell

Alexander Kalauta

Alyx Wallis Martin

Ana Prieto

Anabel Berek

Angelo Li

Ann Mayo

Annabelle Waters

Annelies Vranken

Ariana Jones

Avyn Tupu

Beckett Wells

Bella Alexander

Bella Bench

Ben Hewlett

Benjamin Rivett

Blair Edwards

Bobi L

Briaha Blaxland

bronson booy

Charlotte Wheeler

cheerilee ormsby

Christiana Greer

Clare Song

Craig Thompson

Cruz Tane

Dayna Downs

De’Ardre Ratahi

Deon Edwardson

Easton Dowell

Elayna Tane

Ella Davison

Ellen Keene

Ellen Petersen

Ellie Sardelich

Emily Howden Rogers

Emily Purdie

Emma Staples

Ererangi Johnson-Joyce

Esme Rochford

Fabien Edwards

Faithe Hanrahan

Fala Timaio

Felicity Dean

Felicity Sutherland

Flynn BaileyWalters

Genesis Alosio

Georgia Bowmast

Grace Gundry

Haliah Caroline

Hannah V

Harper Buchanan

Harper Downs

Hayzel Ah Kuoi

Heather Green

Holly Davies

Holly Duncan

Humaira Khan

Indi Armstrong

ivana Reihana Apiata

Jackson Monopoli

Janah Dunham


Jemila Vanderput

Jessie Byrne

Jo Thapa

Johanne Wicks

John Griffin

Jonty Geddis

Julianne Palencia

Juliet King

Jun Fauchelle

Justine Vallance

Kahurangi Raina

Kahuti Hook

Karen Ota

Kaveeta reddy

Keira Martin

Kim Strange

Kowhai Lenden

Krade Johnston

Laela Carmichael

Lagi Auva

Lauren Davies

Leah Manson

Leisha Hodgson

Lexie Tapper

Lila Evers

Lillian Graham

Lily Jeffery

Lily Sang

Lindsey Song

Lola Fisher

Luca Ashford

Luca Ashford

Lucie Dean

Lucie Dean

Lucy Hughes

Lucy Mackie

Lucy Phillips

Lucy Reynolds

Lukas Maka

Maddison OG

Magnus McGregor

Maia Palliser

Mali Allen

Malie Bolderson

Matahaurua Hoey

Mathew Ligaliga

Megan Shannon

Mel Saunders

Mia Scherer-West

Mia van Dolleweerd

Michele Diamond

Mika Homma

Mohi Mete

Nataliyah Peta-Robin

Ngarangi Flavell

Nicole Ragnarsson

nikki burton

Oliver Richards

Olivia Butt

Parkdey Pov

Patrick McNaughton

Paxton Potter

Pearl Campbell-Macdonald

Phoenix McClean

Quentin Kalauta

Quinn Knapman

Reichel Tupaea

Reilly Richards


Reina Jones

Richard Pitts

Riley Stuart

Rori Harwood

rujula chitnis

Sandy Rattray

Santeria Healey-Stevens

Saskia Talley


Sofia Mitchell

Sophia Caldwell

Sophia Caldwell

Sophia Maltai-Spence

Sophie Cosgrove

Sophie Hansen

Sophie Jesen

Stella de Ridder

Susie Russel

Sydney Fremista

Thomas Crane


Violet Jones

Virginia Stead

waiora makoare

Zaria pollard

Zoe Edwards

Step 2 Sign up for the Content Library

This is where we will be sharing the challenges and explaining how to do things.

  • Next look for the Join a library button:
  • Click the button and then join these two libraries:
    • Type in this code to get access to the Click Happy Content Library -  QZD6WTY

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