Click Happy Plus – Precourse home play – Know Thy Self

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”
– Pablo Picasso



Homeplay for the lead up to the course

  • Start Shooting
    • Dust off your camera and/or your cellphone and start stretching yourself out of your comfort zone.
    • Commit to photographing something new each day.
    • Try new angles, new lenses, new apps, new lighting challenges, new subjects.
      • what have you not shot before?  - go try it.
      • One new thing each day - expect crap photographs...this is the compost that will grow the best images eventually.
  • Create a Self-portrait and post it on the submissions page (Link down below)

    • Reference links (check them out there is some cool inspiration here)
    • Try this - Write three loose-leaf pages handwritten exploring the questions below. Or if writing doesn't work for you try having a conversation with somebody about these questions and see if that spurs ideas.
      • What are you curious about?
      • What brings you joy?
      • What defines you in your mind?
      • What is your unique superpower? What do people say you are particularly good at doing?
      • How would someone who knows you well describe you?
      • If you had a defining emotion at this time in your life what would it be and how would you represent that?
    • Get yourself an A4 blank artist book.
      • In the center of the page write the word "Self Portrait"
      • Now try and brainstorm 20 ways you could represent ideas what you uncovered above.
      • Pick the most compelling idea and try and make it work.  If it doesn't now have 19 other ideas to try.
      • You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take.  So try.  Then experiment and try some more.  Then try something that the experiment made you think of.  Each time you take a shot and you think of a new way of shooting it, write that new idea down.  Give yourself a high five! Or shout Whoo hoo! or what ever you do when something awesome happens.  This is called behaviour wiring and it will help you to eventually come up with even better ideas.  Because you celebrate your tiny idea wins.  These stack up and become big ideas.
  • Communication for now
    • If you have a question email me: or call or text 0211412646
    • Join the Google Classroom
    • If you are under 18, Make sure you have the permission form completed by a parent or legal guardian and submitted in the Submissions link down below. It is only by doing this that you will get your zoom link.



  • An optional extra is to become a Click Happy Intern
  • Interns do the following
    • Act as the Youth Curators for the Click Happy Exhibition and social media pages
    • Are the leadership team that help Co-Develop the Click Happy Program
    • Mentor young photographers on how to use manual settings
    • Help develop Click Happy program in their region
  • Here is the link to the Click Happy Intern Job Description
  • Anyone in Click Happy Plus can be an Intern as long as you attend the meetings and do the work.
  • Interns will meet for 1 hours on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm to do the above
    • If you can't make Tuesdays but still want to intern just fire me an email and we will discuss how this could work.

Links to some interesting photographers who started out in their teen years. 

Damon Baker

Cole Sprouse


Make sure you have done the work to get the zoom link to start the course.

To get the zoom link you need to do the following -

  • Submit your permission form
  • Shoot a self-portrait


Are you Ready? Submit your files by clicking the Button!!


Click Happy Plus – Precourse home play – Know Thy Self

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