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Click Happy Program

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This is an 8-week workshop series for girls aged 10-14.

It costs nothing thanks to Wellington City Council and Wellington Community Trust.

It is ideal for girls who are creative and would like a creative mentor.

We will be going systematically through the things that block creativity which are also the things that block self-compassion.

We use photography as a medium to teach it but really it is a holistic wellness program.

Which means that the goal of the program is to teach the following life skills:

  • Self compassion
  • Body compassion – yours and others
  • Emotional literacy + Mindfulness
  • Standing in your power
  • Open-hearted discernment (how to give and receive gracefully)
  • Creative communication
  • Brainstorming skills + how to access your own Muse
  • Creative resilience

Photographically they will learn the following:

  • The difference between aperture, shutter speed, ISO
  • Composition
  • Lighting techniques using natural light and strobe
  • Using Lightroom to download and curate imagery
  • Conceptual photography skills – representing an idea with images

The girls don’t need to be amazing at photography to be part of it.