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Day Two - Putting on the Right Lens for the Job


The River of Creativity

10-11 The philosophical overview of the next few days.

  •  blank paper
  • draw a self portrait
  • Seven lines

11:00 - 11:20 Embodied Creativity

  • What is embodied creativity
  • Checking in with ourselves,
    • Where are we numb?
    • WHere are we sore?

11:20- 12ish The Value Game (What is important to me)

Uncovering your two highest values to help you focus your dreams.

Go Shoot something that represents your two top values

These are words that you want to guide your life for the next 3 months.


12-1 Lunch

1-3 The Magic Wand Game (What do I want?)

  • Discussing the Echo Effect
  • The power of single-pointed focus
  • Skills and Ethics
  • What if you could create any future you wanted?

 Mindset - Mindfulness (the Grateful Mandarin)

  • Seeing with your whole body
  • Slowing down
  • Considered staying small and deep
  • Visual Poetry - Use an object to represent your single-pointed future focus and photograph it.



Create day 2

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