Create Day 3

Day Three - Focus

Checking in

Embodiment exercise

 Embodied Creativity

  • What is embodied creativity
  • Checking in with ourselves,
    • Where are we numb?
    • WHere are we sore?


11-12 Cleaning the lens

    • IT is all about energy
    • Communicating your truth.  A Journaling technique to create space and shift blocks.
    • Listening with two ears to your soul
    • Learning to speak to yourself as you would a dear friend
    • Visual Poetry exercise to develop emotional literacy

12-1 lunch

1-2  The art of Hiring the muse

2-3  Heart First Creation

      • Centering in your heart first
      • Setting intention
      • The Echo Principle
      • Turning up the volume of love
      • Heart Math understanding Coherence
      • The power of give and take - Soft front | Strong Back
      • Photographing Gratitude

Create Day 3

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