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Holding the Camera Steady

        • Grit, Guts, and holding space for your vision
        • Understanding the natural creative Dip
        • Mapping your historical energy vampires and applying garlic.
        • Straws in your cup
        • The art of expending energy only where it is of service
        • Home play -
          • Two variations
            • Photograph that which you have complete control over
            • Photograph that for which you have no control

Day Four - Feeling your image

  • Charging your batteries
    • What energizes your creative work and what makes it merely “meh”
    • The camera as a tool to bring mindfulness
    • In the moment mindful photography
    • Sensual photography photographs you can feel, emotive, emotional
    • Be aware of your critical voice.
    • Write her a letter firing her.


  • Embodiment exercise
  • Summarizing what this journey was for you.
  • Gathering testimonials for future workshops.

Create Day 4

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