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You have received a space in the Create Happy Workshop.

It is a play date with your creative soul.

August 2 - 5.  We start at 10 am each day and wrap up at 3 pm.
Please bring a lunch with or you can grab one in town.

Important tech stuff to organize before you come.

So looking forward to seeing you.  If you have any questions please email them to


What is happening on the 4 days

Day One - Skill Building Day

  • Cellphonography - Learn How to use your cellphone like a DSLR (the fancy camera)
  • Editing in Lightroom Mobile
  • Composition and Framing
  • The HeArtivist Framework

Day Two - Putting on the Right Lens for the Job

  • The Value Game
    • Uncovering your two highest values to help you focus your dreams.
  • The Magic Wand Game 
    • What if you could create any future you wanted?  
    • A visual poetry exercise
  • Tiny Habits 
    • How to use the power of tiny to change your habits.

Day Three - Focus

  • Cleaning the lens
    • Communicating your truth.  A Journaling technique to create space and shift blocks.
    • Visual Poetry exercise to develop emotional literacy
  • Focusing the power of your  Creative Community
    • The Echo Principle
    • The power of give and take - Soft front | Strong Back 
    • Photographing Gratitude
  • Holding the Camera Steady
    • Grit, Guts, and holding space for your vision
    • Understanding the natural creative Dip
    • Mapping your historical energy vampires and applying garlic.

Day Four - Feeling your image

  • Charging your batteries
    • What energizes your creative work and what makes it merely “meh”
    • The camera as a tool to bring mindfulness
  • Downloading and Printing your future
    • Grounding your ideas and manifesting them in reality

Please confirm your availability

If you are unable to attend all days you will be placed back on to the waiting list so that we can fill the spots first with those who can make full use of the workshop and we will let you know if there are any spaces available for a drop in.

Create Happy Welcome Page

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