What to know before attending Click Happy


Welcome to Click Happy!

We are so excited to meet you.  

There is so much good stuff to cover.  I start teaching bang on the time above so make sure you are there 15 minutes before for the registration.   Feel free to bring a friend. 

What to bring:

  • Bring your camera or your phone.
  • Water bottle
  • Jacket or sun protection depending on the weather...or both this is NZ right?
If you are bringing an older cellphone it may not have pro settings, you can augment that by uploading one of these apps before you come:
  • https://www.androidauthority.com/manual-mode-mobile-photography-984189/
  • https://www.imore.com/best-manual-camera-apps-iphone

You will be learning the following things:

  • The 7 areas of photography that are important to master.
  • A photography challenge (to help develop your camera skills and character traits that help you get an idea out of you and into the world.)
  • Mandi's journey from being a nurse to being a self-taught photographer who won New Zealand’s Creative Photographer of the Year (to inspire you with what is possible even without a degree or masses of equipment.)
  • A philosophy of creativity (to help you systematically remove blocks from your creative path and build wellbeing)
  • How to apply for a scholarship to be mentored by Mandi for two terms.
  • An intro to the manual settings on your camera. (what pros use to take back control of their camera and take better shots in difficult lighting)

For the record, I am a self-taught photographer.  And I deeply believe that a young photographer without going to university can learn quite quickly to shoot amazing imagery sometimes even better than some pros.  All you need is a desire, a good eye, and grit (the willingness to face down the hard parts until you overcome them). 

This workshop is an introduction to Click Happy.  You will be inspired and you will learn heaps about yourself in this intro workshop.  You will not have every single question answered but you will learn the right questions to be asking.  

Your homework before you come to the workshop:   Think about 3 things that you most want to learn about photography or that you are struggling with the most.  When you arrive you will be given 3 sticky notes to write them on.  In the two hours that we have, I may not be able to answer all of them but what I promise is that I will guide you as to where you can find the answers. 

Take care and I look forward to seeing you soon. 


P.S. Parents are also welcome to participate in the workshop.

P.P.S. We will try to send an email to you but we have had reports that not everyone is getting them and we will try also to text a reminder the day before but for the most part it is in your hands.  So put it in your calendar grab a friend and we will see you there.


When and Where:


What to know before attending Click Happy

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