School Jam registration

Congrats you have been selected to attend the Click Happy Visual Poetry Jam.

Only about 15-20 youth in your region get this chance so awesome job impressing your teachers with your creative grit (how hard you work at bringing your ideas to life).

At the Jam you will get to

  • help create a National Youth Photographic exhibition.
  • learn how to take better pictures with your phone or tablet.  ( a skill that will help you with all sorts of future jobs)
  • learn about colour theory (so that your images pop)
  • learn about composition (so that you take images that are so good people stop scrolling to look at them)
  • learn and take portraits ( so that you can tell better stories with your imagery)
  • learn about editing photographs after you have taken them ( to bring out the wow factor in your shots)
  • And have a lot of fun doing it.

Make sure you Download Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed onto all of the devices that will be used on the day.  These are free programs that we use in the last part of the day to edit images.

    • VERY IMPORTANT - These need to have an adult sign into them because the aps will not work for youth under 13.  These should be tested to make sure that they are working on their devices not just loaded and left.   When it asks you to upgrade just select no.  We only use the free parts of the app.



@nzrainbowchallenge Marama brought her gorgeous art students from Te Kuiti high to the library for Click Happy thanks to creative communities. #creativecommunities #newzealand #tekuiti ♬ Style - Danger Twins

Make sure you scroll to the bottom and check out the Online Rainbow Photography Challenge as well

Live Visual Poetry Jam

One full-day workshop where you get an introduction to the Click Happy program and you get to help create imagery that will be used in a national photography exhibition.

  • In the morning we will be working on learning about perspectives in photography or how to see differently.
  • Before lunch we will be creating image for the exhibition using a treasure you bring with you mixed with our rainbow boxes of cool stuff.
  • After lunch we will be learning how to edit your images in Lightroom.

After you complete Click Happy you will be given an opportunity to join Click Happy Online.


In order to attend the Visual Poetry Jam, you need to do the following three things.

  • Get your parents to sign the permission slip below if you are under 16- (If they don't sign the form we can't use your photographs as part of the exhibit)
  • Bring a "treasure" with you.  An object that is very important to you.  (photographs of this will be included in the national exhibition so it is very important you remember to bring it with you on the day).
  • Bring a cellphone or tablet with you on the day that has Adobe Lightroom downloaded onto it - a free app.  (You may be able to borrow one from the school )
  • Bring a drink bottle and lunch with you

There are no costs invloved and the online mentorship is free for New Zealand Youth.
I acknowledge that the workshop will have photography taking place. We make TikTok Videos during the session to celebrate what we are doing and so if you don't want to be in the videos it is your responsibility to let us know at the beginning of the workshop so that we can avoid filming you. If you do not alert us then you give Click Happy employees, agents and successors the following rights: 1. to photograph, film, digitally record or video-record me and/or my child/ children; and 2. to make sound and voice recordings of me and/or my child/ children. These may be used now and in the future in any way that may be required. These reproductions or representations may appear as still camera photography and/or video images and/or digital images. Examples of uses include (but are not limited to) transmission in any manner and/or digital release, publication on the internet including social media, in promotional and educational material, in public exhibition or made available to our event collaborative partners (libraries, schools, and funders), both in New Zealand and overseas. Copyright, storing and ownership of the work will rest with Click Happy.

Optional Online Rainbow Challenge

Online Rainbow Challenge Option

We are also running an online challenge where we are gathering imagery to go into a video that will be projected on to buildings as an exhibition during School Pride week.  The video will also be sent to all schools around the country to play to support the rainbow community.  If you consider yourself an ally or a member of the rainbow community you are welcome to join us in the program.  There is also an online photography course included and this is tied to the NZ Curriculum as well.

Here is the link if this would be useful to you


How the Rainbow challenge fits into the NZ Curriculum - For teachers and home educators


School Jam registration

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