Kaitai College, Far North – Visual Poetry Jam Workshop (6 July 2022)

Kaitai College, Far North – Visual Poetry Jam Workshop (6 July 2022)

I like: We are now building a relationship with the school through the photography teacher Jen Benevedis as this is our second time visiting the school and she specifically reached out to have us come and visit.

The comment we keep hearing in astonished tones is how engaged the students are with the program on the day. There is structure but flexibility that is allowing for the students to experiment in the boundaries of the task, receive rapid feedback on their work, and then try again.

The students had a blast and spontaneously converted the monochromatic imagery segment into an opportunity to try on the fabrics and create their own fashion show which they photographed. We used this as our portraiture segment instead of the full studio lighting set up.

4 students signed up to continue to work with the program online.

The students create images in the monochromatic segment that will be used in a national exhibition.

The students were exposed to composition techniques and then got a chance to practice their new way of seeing the world and got immediate feedback.

One of the keen students didn’t have access to a device at all so we left one of our cellphones behind for her to use for the length of the program.

I wish: The weather was difficult to work around but we did get a few fine breaks to go out and shoot.

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