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Do you know a person aged 10-22 who is creative with a social conscious?

Or are you an adult with a keen interest in photography and wellbeing?












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Would they / you enjoy a workshop about photographic craft and creative philosophy from a past winner of New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the year...for free?









Use your Cellphone or a camera to change your world.

Click Happy is for people who believe that photography can be used as a tool to make themselves and the world better.

Click Happy focuses on people who want to photograph better and also want to make a difference.

So much is wrong in the world, and you want to change it, fair enough...

There is plenty of stuff in the world that needs changing. Environmental degradation, race and gender inequalities, animal rights, human rights . . . the list goes on. But here is the thing. If we start trying to change all of that, without first looking inside ourselves, we run the risk of making it worse.  We need to look first at ourselves before we then look at the world.

Don't just get angry. . . Get peacefully powerful

In Click Happy we use photography as a tool to teach self-awareness and for assessing what it means to work for the common good before we get lost in our anger and try to change the world from a skewed and angry place. We believe it is important to first strengthen courage and goodness inside so that it will naturally flow outside into the changes we seek to make in the world. It is about acting from a place of love instead of fear.

At Click Happy you will learn practical photography skills as well as character-building skills, that make you more powerful in your effort to leave the world better than you found it.











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What Happens at Click Happy Live?

We look at seven areas where people can get blocked creatively and then we give you three photographic challenges that will help you find greater balance (equanimity) and flow there.

The workshop is either a two-hour afterschool workshop or it could be a 4-hour weekend workshop.

At the workshop you will learn:

  • How to take more eye-catching photographs
  • How to use the more advanced settings on your phone or DSLR
  • Understand what ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture is and why you should care
  • The HeArtivist philosophy (so that you can easily see where you may be blocked creatively)
  • The importance of Grit in becoming a professional artist or creative activist.
  • Three photo challenges that help build mental resilience.

If you are between 10-22 and you use your camera to complete the challenges, you have a chance to win a scholarship to a one-term masterclass and one term of mentorship with Master Photographer Mandi Lynn.










Who is it for?

  • Youth aged 10-13 with a guardian or teacher
  • Youth 14 and up can attend on their own but can bring family if they wish.
  • Adults who are keen to learn photography and wellbeing - The teaching style though will be pitched to our younger audience members.

Where is it happening?

January Time Venue
19 6-8pm Te Awe Brandon Street
20 6-8pm Lower Hutt War Memorial Library
21 6-8pm Upper Hutt Library
30 10-3 Ruth Gotlieb (Kilbirnie) Library
13 10-3pm Rotorua Library
18 6-8pm Waitomo Library
20 10-3pm Ohaupo Rugby Football Club
21 10-3pm
Hamilton Central Library Garden Place
23 4-6pm Chartwell Library
25 4-6pm Te Kauwhata Library
26 4-6pm Raglan Library
27 10-12pm Ngaruawahia Library
1 school day Manurewa Intermediate
2 3:30-5 Manurewa HS Makerspace (pending)
6 10-3pm Papakura Library
10 6-8:30pm Glenfield Library
13 10-3pm Zeal West Auckland
19 3:40-5:40 Kiakohe Library
20 10-1 Kawakawa Library Te Hononga
22 3:30-5:30 Kaitaia Library Te Ahu
27 10-3 Warkworth
1 4-6pm Turangi
3 10-3pm Taupo
7 6-8 pm Masterton
10 10-3pm Taita Library
11 10-3 Johnsonville Library
21 245-5 The Valley Project - Dunedin
24 10-3 Dunedin Library (pending)
1 10-3 Alexandra library
3 4-6 Maniototo library










Click Happy Live

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