Luggate Memorial Hall – Wanaka- Visual Poetry Jam (22 March 2023)

Luggate Memorial Hall – Wanaka- Visual Poetry Jam (22 March 2023)

Workshop was one of the first held in the new Luggage Hall.
We were supported by the local Librarians who got an opportunity to learn alongside the team and were interested in how the program could be adopted and used locally as well. We will revisit later and offer the rainbow challenge as an option too.

But the day it self was well staffed and well attended. 10 Students and Two librarians and a local arts teacher received the Visual Storytelling training. We mostly worked in the area around the hall and ducked in and out of the rain to grab our shots.
Feedback from the Students:

I Like:
“Learning tricks I didn’t know how to do on my phone”
“Learning settings and how to spot focus an image”
“I loved the different modes”
“I definitely want to do it again I wouldn’t change a thing 10/10”
“Frame within a Frame”
“Taking pictures of my bunny. He is very special to me”
“Learning that you could use the little sun to adjust the brightness.”
“The cool ways you can use the camera”
“The competition, taking photos, winning twice, experimenting, putting effort in, looking at others photos. Learning more terminology and techniques”

We created a TikTok video of the behind the scenes of the day (@clickhappywithgritty)

Support provided by
Queenstown Lakes Creative Communities
COGS Central Otago
New Zealand Lotteries