Visual Poetry – The Monochromatic Rainbow Sessions

Wanna help empower young artists from groups not well represented in the Film and Television Industry?

We are looking for support to project the work of promising young artists on to a large screen or building during the Auckland Festival of Photography and we need help to pull it off.

What is Click Happy?

Click Happy is a creative incubator for youth who are from groups not well represented in the Film and Television industry.

Our student base is selected by teachers in schools around the country in the form of scholarships.  We have specifically requested that the scholarships be given to students who currently have less of a voice in the mainstream media (Maori, Pacific, young women, LGBQT+, persons with disabilities, POC, Indigenous from other nations, immigrants).

Students spent the summer learning photography, composition, post-production, and visual storytelling skills.  The rangatahi that demonstrated both talent and grit self-selected to progress to the advanced mentorship level of the program and have been working on a collective exhibition that has taught them how to create and curate their work.

Screenshot_20220227-175245 - Jumana Fouda
Luné fairy house20220221215528 - Lucelle Erasmus
DDFE87C4-5966-4418-93CD-91B1C635E4CC - Faithe Hanrahan
2022-03-16 17.42.39 - Leisha Hodgson
Screenshot_20220309-152228_Lightroom - Hina Saeed

The Click Happy Monochromatic Rainbow Series

2022 has been a time of separation in NZ.   Social media has become run by an AI algorithm that pushes us deeper into silos of one way of knowing.   Our youth are digital natives and are growing up surrounded by this reality.  So we thought we would challenge this artificial separation by using technology for good by creating connections across regions, ages, and ethnicities.  Our philosophy is one of teaching self-compassion through our common humanity so we felt our art should reflect this idea as well.

In Click Happy, we teach the two ears one mouth philosophy of empathetic communication.  Our goal is to create a space where all voices have a right to be heard and well...seen.   Our Rainbow Exhibition is a celebration of the individual perspective as an important part of the collective whole.   Our individual monochromatic imagery will be woven together to create a rainbow bridge of collective understanding.

The square images on this site are some of the collection of images that the students have created this term.   This theme will be taken to other schools around the country in the form of Visual Poetry Jams.  Where students get an introduction to Click Happy and will be able to add to the exhibition images available to the curators.

B9F67597-1A5C-43CD-8932-2943EEF68BC4 - Ava Thomas
85C5DCB5-8CD7-4C8A-BFB5-98C828E48B49 - Ava Thomas
Processed with Focos
IMG_7966 (1) - Briana Taylor
IMG_9546 - Mavis Pollard
IMG_E6028[1] - Shonan Pereira

Our Vision- Go Big or Go Home.

Small screens are what we often look at.  We want the students work to be seen HUGE!  To help them to understand that their voice and their perspective matters.

So we need a HUGE screen or a HUGE building to project our work onto.

Activations under the projection:

Live workshops called Visual Poetry Jams will be set up with a series of backdrops.  These will challenge students to create intriguing imagery with monochromatic backgrounds using their cameras or cellphones.


This is where you can help. 

Do you have a massive screen?  Or know someone who does?

Do you have a huge building you are happy to have projection-mapped and projected onto?  Or know someone who does?

Do you have animation skills and would be willing to animate the student's work for us to create the effect of a kinetic piece of fine art in the form of a moving and evolving rainbow?

If you would like to contribute support to the project please contact Mandi on - or 0211412646


LeanneBurgessRed2 - Anu Croft (1)
c548532306f5be66368101dd061aa57943ec235e2e3b28147ddb4f9a93051e4f - Ariana Jones
2022-03-11 20.57.28 - Leisha Hodgson
433EB5D9-94FB-44BF-977F-2D0DDB1FD627 - Faithe Hanrahan
Screenshot_20220309-142223_Lightroom - Hina Saeed
Screenshot_20220309-152154_Lightroom - Hina Saeed

Who we are

We are a collective of young artists aged 10-24 and creative industry professionals, educators, and youth workers.  We are co-designing a program using a lean startup methodology that is testing and measuring how to educate for innovation and wellbeing in New Zealand.
We are made up of 2 full-time staff members + casual regional facilitators and lots and lots of wonderful volunteers who love the arts, and want the best for the next generation.  Our trust began as a grassroots creative response to body shame and youth suicide in young women in NZ.   After making a film about our Kaupapa we became concerned about the lack of diversity in key creative roles and decided to make it a point to use our work as a tool to develop lesser heard voices. 
We imagine a generation of rangatahi (youth) graduating high school happy in their own skin (fully embodied), able to innovate, build creative teams, willing to step out of their comfort zones to make their communities better places to live for their own mokopuna (grandchildren).  We imagine a world of balanced storytelling with a rich representation of many voices.
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Visual Poetry – The Monochromatic Rainbow Sessions

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