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Click Happy Patron of the HeArts

Click Happy is a co-developed grassroots program that uses photography to teach self-compassion, mindfulness, creative resilience, and emotional fluency to youth and those that love them.

By contributing at least $10.00 a week you will generate a scholarship for one adult and one youth to attend the Click Happy Program.  You can select who wins the scholarship (this can be you + a youth that you admire), or you can just let us add another youth worker/teacher and youth to the program.  Every 6 months that you are a Patron of the HeArts, you can pick a new scholarship winner.


ClickHappy Weekly Subscription

Weekly Subscription

NZ$10.00/week until cancelled

One Off Donation

Make a single one off donation to Clickhappy


Donations of $250.00 or more provide a scholarship for one student to the Click Happy Plus program.

Patron of the HeArts

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