Click Happy Plus | Week 1 – Building our Sacred Playground

So here is where it starts.  You are cherry-picked young photographers with promise.  I have seen something in you that the world needs.  You have strong visual chops and even if you don’t become professional photographers what you are going to learn here will give you a massive leg up in your future.

You will be learning all about the nuances of visual communication, and the art of dialling down the volume of your inner critic and dialling up the volume of your muse.

So here is how the course works.


Week Photographic Content Covered HeArtivist Content Covered
1 Camera Techniques Building Community Safety
2 Composition Inspiration, Open-Mindedness
3 Lighting Critical voice vs. Critical thinking
4 Communication Compassionate Communication skills
5 Posing + Styling Building Your Creative Community
6 Post Production Grit, Personal Power, Creative Resilience
7 Camera Techniques + Post The Emotional Rollercoaster of Creation
8 Presentation Shipping your work
9 Composition + Communication Leaving the world better than you found it
10 Portfolio Review Celebrating Progress

Today we are going to do the following:

  • Set the ground rules for how we will work with each other.
    • Camera Technique
      • Exposure
        Depth of field
        Perspective control
  • Review Each other’s Portfolios and learn to use critical language with compassion
  • Set our personal goals for the course – what is your photographic weakness that you most want to address during this course?
  • Laying down the challenge for the week.  Challenge each other…

Click Happy Plus | Week 1 – Building our Sacred Playground

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