Click Happy Plus


Click Happy Plus = Creative Impact + Leadership Academy

Photography - Philosophy - Philanthropy


Who is it for?

Creative Youth years 8-13 that have completed the Summer Academy Challenges and who would like to continue developing as visual storytellers and creative leaders.


What's Special about the Click Happy Plus?

  • You learn Impact Marketing Skills (skills that help you learn how to tell visual stories that can help make the world a better place)
  • 90 minute block with Mandi and your Click Happy Cohort via Zoom each week for term 1.
  • Social support and weekly challenges through the Telegram channel.
  • New supporting course materials and challenges each week to deepen your craft
  • Portfolio development
  • Portfolio review by Mandi Lynn, other students, and guest photographers.
  • You also create content for a non-profit of your choice

So basically you create a creative community that will push you to improve your photography, your wellbeing, and your creative leadership skills.

Week Photographic Content Covered HeArtivist Content Covered
1 Camera Techniques Building Community Safety
2 Composition Inspiration, Open-Mindedness
3 Lighting Critical voice vs. Critical thinking
4 Communication Compassionate Communication skills
5 Posing + Styling Building Your Creative Community
6 Post Production Grit, Personal Power, Creative Resilience
7 Camera Techniques + Post The Emotional Rollercoaster of Creation
8 Presentation Shipping your work
9 Composition + Communication Leaving the world better than you found it
10 Portfolio Review Celebrating Progress

What does it cost?

Completion of the Photo a day challenge with most of days full.

Completion of the Summer Academy Portfolio.


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Click Happy Plus

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