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So this week we are all about being present and feeling what is here to feel.   It is about the sensualness that is our art. It is about understanding how our needs impact our emotions.  So there is a lot to cover.

HeArtivist Content - Emotional Presence in Yourself and your Art

Why do I teach the HeArtivist content?  Because it has the potential to help you become a more balanced consistently creative artist but it also helps to infuse your art with your magic.  The more balanced you are in the 7 areas the fewer blocks there are to your creative flow.  And also the more power and energy available to enter your art.

When you are experiencing a period of imbalance, your energy can easily be siphoned away from your art or you become numb to the details and the emotional content of what you are creating. Our job as artists is to feel the highs and lows and the middling and translate them at our will into our work.

If you want your creations to stand the test of time, you will need to take your emotion and transfer it into the viewer.  That may simply be awe at the beauty of what you see, or a conflicting emotion captured in a single frame.

This week our work together will focus on identifying our needs and understanding what happens when those needs are met or not met.  This will give you infinite fodder for emotional content in your imagery.

Free Writing

Step 1

Get three blank pieces of paper.

Take two of them out and on the front of one start freewriting about something that is important that happened to you.

  • No one gets to read what you write (so if you feel the need to use strong words you can.)
  • hand write until you cover three pages.
  • All three pages do not need to be about the thing that started the writing.  you can simply follow your trains of thought and write them down.

Now that you have written what you felt open up these pages and write out all of the emotions you can identify from your writing.  First the unmet needs and then the met needs.


Now open up this page :

See if you can identify which needs you have or haven't had met.

Now that you have identified those needs use your agency to figure out how you can get those needs better met...


Camera Techniques + Post

Types of Cinematic Shots

  • A brilliant guide to help you think cinematically in your photography.

Photoshop tutorials

Basic Photoshop tutorial

Adjusting Luminosity in Photoshop for Portraits -



Home Play Challenge

For your homeplay challenge for this week you are to select one need and one emotion that was reflected in your writing and then use the colour of the "need" cluster it was found in as the dominant colour in the image.

Bonus points for watching the above videos and creating 3d lighting effects using luminosity and identifying which style of cinematic shot you created.

Post your image here

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