Term 2 = Passion Projects

Getting Started with Term 2 Click Happy

Step One: Download the Apps

Step One: Please download these apps to your devices

  • Adobe Lightroom (free for mobile devices)
  • Telegram App (Download before you try and join the boards below - This is where you get support and can share your images)
  • Milanote (this is where you will keep your portfolio)
  • Mural (this is where you will drop all of your images for curation to your final 10)

Step Three: Join these three telegram boards

Click Happy HQ with Mandi Lynn

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Step Four : Join any student-run interest boards that appeal to you

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The Natural World




10 images x 10 weeks

Ohhhhhhhhh Yaaaaaa'll this term is gonna be fun!

It is all about passion projects.

The things that light you up.

What are you curious about?

What lights your fire?

What do you wish you knew more about?  Sweet lets focus on that.

Don't know what lights you up?

That's okay too.  We can help you with that. My son was just like that.  Trying this thing, then that.  Till I stuck a guitar in his hands.  Now he has just finished his Bachelors of Music Production at Massey and is working doing what he loves.

It is okay to be an idea butterfly.  You just have to commit to creating 10 images for your final project. Of progressing through the Embodied Innovation process to make it all happen: Head (Idea), Heart (Getting and giving help), Guts (Holding space for the hard parts of creation), and Ground (Leaving the world richer for your being in it).   Top it off with some gratitude at the end.   Then if you hate the topic...no worries.  That is a win too.  Now you know what not to get a bachelors in ;).  See you just saved yourself 30k and a life doing something you don't love.  Winning... now try the next thing.

To many things light you up?

That's okay too.  You pick one and commit to it for one term knowing that you can do the rest in other terms.  Or if you are quick you can shoot several projects this term...your call, always your call.   I feel you if you are in this category.  I am doing my masters and have about 6 solid ideas that I am battling with on which I should choose for my research thesis.  In the end I just picked the one that seemed the most pressing.  And am going with it.  Do I second guess myself.  YUP.  Does it matter.  Nope.  I can do the other projects next.  It is all good.   Same with you.  Pick something for now and roll with it.  Finish it.  And then move on to the next thing.

The key here is to commit to the finish line.

No matter what happens.  You will dish up 10 images that tell a story of your passion by the end of this term. Make that commitment to yourself.  That only your death will prevent you finishing.  Because here is the deal.  When you don't finish stuff it becomes an energetic hole punched in your core of energy.  Too many holes punched and your energy gets drained.  Your energy is the fuel that runs your creative force.

We are all improbable miracles brought to this planet at this unique moment in time with a gift to give the earth.  If our energy is drained out due to poor choices then we cannot effectively give our gift.

So if you are part of the Click Happy Crew, when you commit to something, then you commit to finishing what you started and you commit to doing it on time.  So think about this well before you dive in.   If you are saying yes to this, what are you saying no to?  Are you okay with that?  If the answer is yes.  Then welcome to the party!


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Term 2 = Passion Projects

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