The Click Happy Rainbow

Image Submission Area

The images that you photographed can be shared with us here.  You just find the colour that is dominant in your image and drop it into that folder.

The images will be used to

  • create the video we send to schools and libraries during pride week
  • promote the project
  • create merch that we will sell to raise funds for Every Body is a Treasure Trust Rainbow projects and for Rainbow Trusts in New Zealand.
  • they may be used for a book about the project
  • future projects we have yet to think about that positively celebrate diversity.

Some things to consider

  • If you need to remain anonymous, just use a fake name. That is cool, too.
  • Please note that if you have a person's face in the image, you will need a consent form for us to use the image; otherwise, it will be removed from the selection group.
  • Your image will not have your name next to it in the display, but the name you provide will be listed as a contributor to the art.

Workshop Submission Section

Use this section as a quick way to gift lots of images.  But please note we will not be able to tell whose images are whose.  We cannot use any images donated this way where there is a recognizable face.

The Click Happy Rainbow

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