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You have just found out you are an Arts leader or you are a leader for your Rainbow Group at School.  Brilliant news!

Our guess is that you are an awesome human.  Creative, fun, and bursting with ideas.

Want one more awesome idea to add to your collection?

This is one where you can support young creatives at your school to contribute to a national rainbow exhibition made up of photographs and art made by students from around the country.

The rainbow is a symbol of hope, diversity, and human rights and your support will be making the world a friendly place to live.  Basically, because you are an awesome human.




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The NZ Rainbow Challenge will start in term one next year, and we are looking for Arts Captains or Rainbow leaders who are keen to collaborate to help us create a wildly beautiful video that can be projected onto buildings or played on a loop during pride week.  The Video installation will be constructed of images created by students from around the country. Like a colourful moving Batman symbol for rainbow youth around the country.

Each week for 7 weeks you will set up a colourful creation station of a single colour where students will be able to create either photographic or arts-based images and then submit them to the national collection.  This station can be a physical area where you set up backgrounds or art supplies each week that focuses on a single colour.   A place where people can use to create their own art or where they can collectively create something in that colour.  Or you can just send out challenges to your community to focus on a colour a week and create something.

Arts Captains and Rainbow leaders from schools around the country will get a chance to hangout online and brainstorm ideas for how you can best engage your schools in the program.

Playful Prizes

  • The most number of participants submitted images per population of the school.
  • Most creative school-based Pride week exhibition using the rainbow challenge imagery.
  • The most creative local marketing campaign for the NZ Rainbow Challenge.
  • Most creative use of the final video.

Register your interest here:

If you put your details above we will send you details for a Q+A about the program to be held at - 1pm on 14 December


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Arts Captain or Rainbow Leader

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