What is Monochromatic Photography?

Screenshot_20220309-152154_Lightroom - Hina Saeed
Screenshot_20220309-152228_Lightroom - Hina Saeed

Monochromatic images are made using one colour out of the rainbow with its shades and hues included but no other colours.

So say you pick blue.  You can have lighter or darker shades of blue in the image, and you can add colours that lean towards purple and towards teal but they still need to be primarily blue.


2022-03-11 20.57.28 - Leisha Hodgson
Processed with Focos
Luné fairy house20220221215528 - Lucelle Erasmus

Click Happy is travelling the country putting on Visual Poetry Jams at schools where we are teaching students how to create beautiful monochromatic imagery.   These images will be combined together to create an epic collaborative exhibition in the form of a rainbow comprised of youth-created imagery.  Our vision is to turn this into a travelling exhibition but we need many beautiful images to be put forward so that we can create a youth curated collection.


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What is Monochromatic Photography?

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