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What is happening on the 4 days

Day One – Skill Building Day

  • Cellphonography – Learn How to use your cellphone like a DSLR (the fancy camera)
  • Editing in Lightroom Mobile
  • Composition and Framing
  • The HeArtivist Framework

Day Two – Putting on the Right Lens for the Job

  • The Value Game
    • Uncovering your two highest values to help you focus your dreams.
  • The Magic Wand Game
    • What if you could create any future you wanted?
    • A visual poetry exercise
  • Tiny Habits
    • How to use the power of tiny to change your habits.

Day Three – Focus

  • Cleaning the lens
    • Communicating your truth.  A Journaling technique to create space and shift blocks.
    • Visual Poetry exercise to develop emotional literacy
  • Focusing the power of your  Creative Community
    • The Echo Principle
    • The power of give and take – Soft front | Strong Back
    • Photographing Gratitude
  • Holding the Camera Steady
    • Grit, Guts, and holding space for your vision
    • Understanding the natural creative Dip
    • Mapping your historical energy vampires and applying garlic.

Day Four – Feeling your image

  • Charging your batteries
    • What energizes your creative work and what makes it merely “meh”
    • The camera as a tool to bring mindfulness
  • Downloading and Printing your future
    • Grounding your ideas and manifesting them in reality




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