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Rocking the Rainbow this term

Black Kriya D'Sa
Black Lola Fisher
Black Hannah Viles
Black Cameron Cutforth
Black Sivakami S
Blue Dani Van Niekerk
Blue Gin Campbell
Blue Ariana Jones
Blue Skyler Pereira
Blue Jun Angeles
Green Kate Anderson
Green Joanne Noanoa
Green Emma Whyte
Green Caelie Rose McDonald
Green Tiana Forsman
Orange Lindsey Song
Orange Jumana Fouda
Orange Humaira Khan
Orange Leisha Hodgson
Orange Amber Lee
Orange Jaydn Ashe
Purple Sydney Fremista
Purple Eden Piper
Purple Shobhna Vallabh
Purple Keira Piper
Purple Scarlett Robinson
Red Jessie Byrne
Red Lindsey Song
Red Gabbie Warner
Red Leanne Burgess
Red Hazel Chant
Red Faithe Hanrahan
Teal Zaria Pollard
Teal Callum Holding
Teal Biunka Reuben
Teal Sophie Hansen
Teal Ava Thomas
White Lily Sang
White Isabella Flavell
White Sariah Fyhn
Ma'a Pau (te Rata)
White Briana Taylor
Yellow Lunè Erasmus
Yellow Asya Ahmadasri
Yellow Hannah West
Yellow Chelsea Brown
Yellow Jacqui Jones

Watch as I spill the T on what is going to happen this term.

Examples of images that use monochromatic colour palates to enhance the imagery.


What will the exhibition be like?

I have zero idea.  That is what we will collectively decide.  We will together brainstorm how we want them displayed.  Then a working group of 3-6 people will develop a plan of attack.  Write the funding grants and create something cool to represent our work.

There is an opportunity available to have our exhibition featured in the Auckland Festival of Photography.  So lets chat and plans something very cool.



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Ava Thomas

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CH201-5 Green Heart Brain Building Your Creative Community

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Monday - Mentors if you are free to help the 101 students - 4-5pm

  • https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87422594603?pwd=dlNOT1V4eHZFaWw2Z3JXN1BiZDROQT09
  • Meeting ID: 874 2259 4603 
  • Passcode: 131724

Wednesday Course Content Meeting and Exhibition Planning - 7pm

  • https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88951172153?pwd=TFFKNzNSNzhPaUhGbTlEbGZER0VVZz09
  • Meeting ID: 889 5117 2153
  • Passcode: 183343

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201 Critiques and Content Board

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  • Ask questions about the course here
  • Mandi will drop content here

Click Happy National Chat 

  • Go here to chat and socialize
  • Anything goes as long as it is compassionate and age-appropriate

Click Happy LGBQT+ Chat

  • National chat for those that identify as LGBQT+ and allies
  • Anything goes as long as it is compassionate and age-appropriate

Click Happy Te Reo

  • Click Happy for Maori Speakers

Zoom Replays

Week 1

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Week 4  Access Passcode: gxb46p^s

Week 5 -

Topic: Click Happy 201
Start Time: Mar 16, 2022 07:02 PM

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Access Passcode: 5t83^h^k

Week 6

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/VD2y4mimswHJLYM0NWyZORHZAQg_hpNr3LwuWzCfx4QOGWDbXw7SuUhPIdiHPhMF.u18oT6nziEnQ1sxI?startTime=1648015129000 (Passcode: 4FeDC10@)

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