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How does ACA Work?

  • Sign up for Book Creator
    • make sure you set up your portfolio
    • log into the two libraries
  • Sign up for Telegram to get feedback on your images
    • This is where you get to learn to give and receive feedback on your work.
  • Then start photographing things that you are grateful for and begin to work your way through the workbooks to develop your skillbase.
    • Each booklet will introduce you to a new set of photography skills and give you a challenge to answer.
  • Add your challenge images in three places
    • In the back of the challenge book where everyone is sharing their take on the challenge.
    • In your own portfolio
    • In the telegram channels if you want feedback and support on improving your imagery.
      • The students who have trained with me are there
      • I'm Mandi Lynn a master photographer, the founder of the program and I'm a judge at the National Professional Photography awards
      • Between all of us there could be a few things that we might be able to share with you that will improve the quality of your work as you grow in mastery.

Zoom Links

Wednesday evenings at 7pm are our meet up times.  These are not mandatory but you will get heaps from them.  It is a time to start to get to know some of the other students and to ask questions that may be troubling you. We will have image scavenger hunts and give feedback on imagery as well. Looking forward to meeting you there.

Topic: ACA Awards - Student Meet ups
Every week on Wed, 3 occurrence(s)
Jan 11, 2023 07:00 PM
Jan 18, 2023 07:00 PM
Jan 25, 2023 07:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 863 1239 5920
Passcode: aca


Challenge 1: Developing a Creative Attitude of Gratitude

  • The Gratitude 100 Scavenger Hunt
    • Last year was a challenging year.   This challenge however is one that can make you stronger and healthier both mentally and physically.
  • What we are looking for
    • Your best effort but we aren't concerned with perfection.
    • You are winning if you take just one photograph in a day.  Building a creative habit is the most important part.
    • Sure 100 is the goal but you do what works during your holiday.  The more you take the more you will have to work with when the program kicks in and you are starting to find
    • We are more interested in your willingness to experiment and try out new things.
    • Celebration of mistakes and learn more from the flops than the wins.  You can show the first shot and then what you learned from it in terms of the final shot if you like.
    • Get messy, be playful, get outside amongst it, and celebrate the small and often overlooked.
    • Grit - that you show you are strong enough to finish what you start.
    • Talent is secondary to grit in terms of long-term success according to the research so show us your grit


Click Here to get the full instructions on how to do the first challenge

Giving Compassionate feedback:

  • We are going to ease into giving feedback as it is an artform in and of itself.
  • House rules.
    • Swearing and sarcasm have zero place in the ACA walls.
    • Compassion is key.  Compassion is comprised of Kindness - Mindful Curiosity - and the knowledge that we share a common humanity.
      • Kindness - If you are giving feedback reread it and put yourself in their shoes and make sure that it is supportive and "barb" -"snarkieness" free.
      • Mindful Curiosity - Stay present with the image that has been presented to you.  Really explore it. Really see the details and see if you can feel the emotion that the creator was feeling when they shot it.   What emotions does it bring up for you?
      • Common Humanity - Somewhere in the world is someone feeling very similar feelings that you are feeling right now.  The person who you are critiquing is connected to you through this whanau and has a rich tapestry of emotions which we will respect. They are a cherished brother or sister and in our whanau we treat everyone with complete respect.
  • We use a design theory framework of giving feedback.
    • I like.
    • I wish.
    • I wonder.
    • We will explore these three aspects over the next week, starting with "I like".
      • So for every image that you post you will need to comment on at least two, ideally three other images and share what you like about that particular image.


ACA Awards Student Portal

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