Blue in our Heartivist framework takes to the land of our thoughts.

We spend a good deal of time looking at our critical voice in the main challenge.  It is so important to be aware of this voice because it can really play havoc on our creative adventures.

The trick is to turn down your ISO to it.  That is a bad photographers pun for becoming less sensitive.  Reduce the voice to mouse size and start with compassion,  even for that voice.  Say thank you.  I know you are trying to help.  But treat it like a very overpowering aunty that just can’t keep her misguided opinions to herself.  You smile, listen, and then just go do the right thing for you.

You are not that voice.  It is culture, and your families worries all squished into one voice.  So keep squishing it until it is mouse-sized.


I teach lots of techniques for dialling down the volume of that voice in creatives in Click Happy Plus, so I would suggest submitting your portfolio so we can dive deeper with you there.


The Blue Challenges

  1. Revisit the critical voice image.  How can you improve on your first attempt?  Either reshoot that one or push it even further and select a new way to represent your critical voice.
  2. Have you ever rabbit holed?  Meaning you got completely lost in your thoughts and spun yourself into a circle that went nowhere really?  Photograph that feeling.
  3. Deep Focus – Did you know that one bing from your phone can throw off your focus for up to 20 minutes?  Deep focus is the stuff of successful artists.  But in this interruption dense world it is harder to achieve.  For this image I want you to focus and then focus on that focus.  How can you represent the level of focus you are currently capable of achieving.


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