CH101-x – What to do if I am in a Bach with no wifi?

CH101-x – What to do if I am in a Bach with no wifi?

What if I travel somewhere over the holidays and there is no wifi?

You take a deep breath and thank goodness for your blessings.  I mean honestly, we live in NZ and we have so much beauty, forget the wifi!  Go make a s’more instead

Even if there is occasional wifi I encourage you to disable it on your phone till you get back home.   Have a dopamine holiday. You have our permission to take the time completely off.   See if there is a camera available and use the time to experiment with that instead of your phone.   Then just show us the photos a day we missed when you get back.  Relax…be one with nature…

The only difference is that you will not be able to compete in the shooter of the week competition if you aren’t back by Sunday at 3.  But you can keep your Photo a day streaks up if you commit to shooting at least one image every day.   Just post them when you get back to civilization.

Here is the list of the competition images from each week. 

  • 20-26th – Who are you?  And what is your superpower? – Self Portrait
  • 27- 2nd – What inspires you? – Homage to your favourite artist using the element water in the shot.
    • He aha te mea whakahihiri i a koe?
  • 3-9th – Who matters to you?  – Portraiture using the element of air/wind in the shot and experimenting with Aperature.
    • Ko wai te mea nui ki a koe?
  • 10-16th – Where do you find strength?  Long exposure using the element of light or fire, this is about holding space for something to develop.
    • Kei hea koe e kaha ai?
  • 17-23rd – Where do you stand the strongest? – Whakapapa – Using the Element Earth – Image series of 5 images
  • 24-30th – What have you learned about yourself this summer? Show us in a photograph

Here is the photo of the week theme:

  • 20-26th – Cinematic Scene setting –  Movie Still Style |Composition Rule of Thirds | Crop – 16:9 Horizontal
  • 27- 2nd -Element – Water | Composition Element – Leading Lines | Crop 16:9 vertical
  • 3-9th – Element – Air | Composition Elements Colour + Juxtaposition| Crop 4:3 horizontal
  • 10-16th – Element Fire – Light – Composition Element: Framing your subject | Crop size 1:1 – Square crop.
  • 17-23rd – Element  Earth | Composition element – Working with contrast + Monochrome |Crop: 4:3 vertical
  • 24-30th – Photographic Gratitude Journal – What makes your heart sing? | Composition element – Rhythm + Repetition |Crop size 1:1 – Square Crop

When you get back to civilization make sure that you do the following. 

  • Transfer your photo a day images (one per day) to the following places.
    • Your full-size jpeg image into the photo a day folder (remember to label correctly YearMonthDayshot – LastName-First Name – PadWeek_ (20211220-MandiLynn- PadWeek1)
    • Your streaks workbook
    • Into your community chat so everyone can see what you have been up to.
    • 5:1 ratio of commenting to posting. (you can drop to 2:1 if you have a week worth to post)
  • Post your Competition image
    • Your full-size jpeg image into your competition image folder
    • Your Click Happy workbook
    • Into your community chat so everyone can see what you have been up to. YearMonthDayshot – LastName-First Name – Comp Week__(20211220-MandiLynn- CompWeek1)


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