Hawera Intermediate – Click Happy Workshop (03 August 2022)

Hawera Intermediate – Click Happy Workshop (03 August 2022)

We held full-day VIsual Poetry Jam at Hawera Intermediate for ten selected young creatives. It was a master class in visual storytelling that allowed them to experiment with colour, composition, and using devices to tell stories.

We found on our national trip that when we offer workshops in say a library without hooking in the schools then the only students who show up are either affluent in time and money or are being dragged their by a parent who is keen but the students may not be. If we want diversity we need to make sure that we collaborate with the local schools. This is harder than it looks but we were able to collaborate with Emily Davidson from Hawera Intermediate to bring the program to the top young artists at Hawera Intermediate.

The comment we keep hearing in astonished tones is how engaged the students are with the program on the day. There is structure but flexibility that is allowing for the students to experiment in the boundaries of the task, receive rapid feedback on their work, and then try again.

The students brought Taonga with them that is special to them and then created imagery which will be featured in a monochromatic national exhibition.

Support provided by
COGS South Taranaki
New Zealand Lotteries