Timaru Library – Visual Poetry Jam (21 March 2023)

Timaru Library – Visual Poetry Jam (21 March 2023)

We started the day with a workshop to familiarize the students with the advanced settings on their cellphones. Then we worked on post production skills using the free apps from Lightroom and Snapseed. We went on a photowalk through the town and learned about composition skills by using them photographing the buildings near the library. Then we came back in and finished the day learning how to do monochromatic imagery both physically creating it and by converting multicoloured images to black and white and then editing them in Lightroom .

We created a TikTok video of the behind the scenes of the day (@Clickhappyadventures) https://www.tiktok.com/@clickhappyadventures/video/7212848106889628946

Some of the students want to continue studying with Click Happy and will be folded into our online program and our Rainbow Challenge to create an exhibition for the Auckland Festival of Photography.

The students responded that they had grown in their skills and their interest in photography. The parents were keen to continue extending the students learning.

Bonus support – We have also set up the following courses for students in the area
Summer Photography online workshop – Aotearoa Creativity Awards
Compassionate Journalism weekend workshop
The Rainbow Challenge which is allowing students from your region to create a national exhibition of photography.

What didn’t go well – due to the strike action at the schools that day, out of school activities were limited and many students could not make it.

Support provided by
Timaru Creative Communities
New Zealand Lottory


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