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Lets start with what is working.

When I first decided to be a photographer I had a problem. I was a single mum with no extra funds or time to go to school.  So I had to be scrappy.  I heard about New Zealand's Institute of Professional photography and they had a process where you could submit 10 images and get feedback.   So I showed them my 10 favourite images.  Now the reality was that at that time I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I didn't know how to use manual settings so the chances of me replicating those images were very slim.  But I had an eye and I knew what I liked and why.

When I taught my first group of Click Happy most of the kids wanted to share with me what they had done so far and I didn't have a place for that.

Show me what ya got!

So I built a place to showcase what you have done before the course started.  This is a space where you can show off your favourite image that you have taken so far.  And in our zoom session, I will showcase some of them on Wednesday at 4pm.  And if I can figure out how to work TikTok I plan to create a slideshow for there as well with some of your work and a couple of live critiques...have patience with me though because I am already a grey hair and that is a new platform for me to figure out...

Now submitting your image takes some tweaking.  You will need to change the name on your file so that we can link it to you.

And if you don't have an image that you love...go out and shoot something that will work for now.  Perfection is not required.   You win simply by submitting. Because you are committing to your own growth as an artist.

Change your file name to CamelCase

Before you upload your image you need to change the file name so that it will be easy for us to link it to you. Please change the name using the following Camel Case file structure (this means that the words are all shoved together but each new word starts with a capital letter) Change your image file name to the following: YearMonthDayFirstnameLastInitialAgeCountryImagetopic for example: 20200313MoanaD10Favourite.jpg If you are working off of a phone and this is impossible to do then just submit the image with the unchanged title but just understand that it could decrease it's chances of being posted.

What are the rules about photographing other people?

Consent. Simply consent. You must have their written permission to photograph them. You can get consent by printing out this form if you have a printer and giving them a chance to read and sign it. If you don't have a printer then write out the words found on the document above and have them sign it. If you can't recognize someone in your image you do not need a consent form. We need parental consent for any person under the age of 18.  So if it is a self portrait and you are over 18 you are sweet but anyone else or anyone under 18 needs a model release. And you need to upload it with your image every time you submit an image.

No model release means we cannot use your image ANYWHERE and we will have to ignore it!

I was wondering if I have to give Quick Model/Property Release if I was the one that I photographed?
If you are under 18...yep you do 🙂

So if there is a person, get a consent. (Horses and animals are okay 🙂 )



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