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Click Happy | Photo Camp Challenge 1 | Building Community Culture 

  • Welcome
  • It's a compassionate democracy
  • Onboarding 
  • How to submit images properly
  • Importance of consent


Click Happy | Photo Camp Challenge 2 | Grit and Manual Settings 

  • Grit and Why it matters as a Photographer
  • The little man in the camera
  • ISO
  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperature
  • Depth of Field
  • Image Challenge - Manual Motion


Click Happy | Photo Camp Challenge 3 | The Muse and the Critic

  • The battle between the Muse and the Inner Critic
  • The Heartivist framework
  • The difference between taking a picture and creating an image
  • Image challenge - Photograph your Inner Critic


Click Happy | Photo Camp Challenge 4 | The Journey from Novice to Expert Photographer 

  • Self-compassion for the beginning photographer
  • Choosing your trajectory to expert photographer
  • The brain and a photograph
  • The Story of Spider-Girl
  • Image challenge - Photograph your Inner Muse

Click Happy | Photo Camp Challenge 5 | What makes a photograph “Good?”

  • Photographic Craft
  • Photographic Mastery
  • How does a photographic judge decide if an image is “good”
  • Where to from here…
  • Image challenge - Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Two Pathways at this Point

DIY or Click Happy Plus

For DIY you can carry on at your own pace doing the 20 more challenges.  By the time you are done you will have an impressive portfolio of your work. And you will have 25 chances to have your images featured in the final book/exhibition.

Or you can submit your Portfolio to Click Happy Plus where it is now with at least 5 challenge images contained within it.   Click Happy Plus is kind of like a Rep League but for young serious photographers and you will be mentored by Mandi Lynn.  There are scholarships available for kids who live in the Hutt Valley, Wellington, South Auckland, and Hamilton.

Also keep an eye out on the Facebook feed or the Instagram page for one of your images being shown.

Challenges for the Curation

Click Happy Red Challenges:

  • Health at Every Size
  • Environment challenge
  • Grounding Challenge

Click Happy Orange Challenge

  • What is disturbing you since the pandemic started?
  • What have you found comforting?
  • What does mindfulness mean for you?

Click Happy Yellow Challenge

  • Photograph something that you are passionate about, and love so much that you are "willing to eat a crap sandwich just for the privilege of being able to do it."  Meaning you will put up with the hard bits because of your passion for this thing.
  • Photograph something that you feel shows strength of character.
  • Photograph something that makes you feel personally powerful.

Click Happy Green Challenge

  • What would it look like if you couldn't trust others with your heart, and you hid it away and your compassion dried up?
  • What would it look like if you had too much compassion for others but very little for yourself and could give help but struggled to receive it in return?
  • What would it look like if you were both compassionate with yourself and compassionate with others?

Coming soon:

Click Happy Teal Challenge

  • Effective visual communication

Click Happy Blue Challenge

  • Thinking deeper

Click Happy Purple Challenge

  • Inspiration and the needs of the creative soul

Summary Page

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