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Over the next school holidays, you are going to be introduced to the Manual Settings on your camera which will help you to really leapfrog your photography game.  And you will be given 5 photographic challenges to help stretch your skills.

Before we start I am going to have you do a couple of things plus an optional bonus step:

  • Get started on your portfolio
  • If you are under 18 and would like extra help through the zoom sessions and with youth mentors. Click here for the parent permission page: https://clickhappy.org/parent/  (As our youth mentors are under 18 and our meetings are virtual we need to confirm that anyone attending our zoom sessions meeting with our mentors are indeed youth.  Therefore we need parents permission for this section of our program.  Otherwise, you will just receive the emails with the challenges but will not be given the keys to the password for the zoom sessions.)

Before the course starts sort this first:

If you are taking the course on a camera:

  • Go online and see if you can find a video that explains how to change the manual settings on your particular camera.
    • specifically ISO - film/sensor sensitivity to light
    • Shutter Speed (1/# eg. 1/800)
    • Aperature (fstop eg f5.6 or f22)
    • How to change where the focus point is on your camera so that you can decide
    • Download The Photography Toolbox for reference - Photography Toolbox PDF
  • If you are using a cellphone to do the course please download Light room and have a play with the prosettings on the camera function.

Your Portfolio

  • I would like you to decorate and start your photography portfolio.
  • This will take you about 10-30 minutes depending on how much you want to decorate it.
  • You need to add a photo of yourself, your first and last name, and the flag of the countries you identify with as being part of your identity.
  • Then show us what sort of camera or phone you will be using
  • And then if you like you can put three of your favourite images that you have taken so far.
  • Here is the link and the draft portfolio that you can copy.  But first watch the video below.
  • You can't edit the master.  You must first save a copy it to your own folder and then rename it.  Save it to your own folder and keep working on it.



What is the portfolio for? Several things...

  • Personal pride...it shows you your progress and your grit.
  • Once you have completed at least 5 challenges you can put it forward to see if you might make Click Happy Plus... (for further photography tuition and learn about some other great lifeskills.)
  • You can use your Portfolio to show your teachers and family what you are doing.

Parents Permission

Click here for the parent permission page.

If you want the support of the youth mentors you will need to go to get your parent's permission if you are under 18.   Youth mentorship support is only available for those who are under 18.


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