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Weekly Challenges



Week 1: Self Portrait- Course Content



6CFBB8C0-8DF3-4D62-86F0-263E50DFFD3C - Matt and Carly Thomas

Week 2: My Highest Values - Course content

  • Take your two values you identified -
  • Combine them with the colour purple
  • Incorporate leading lines into the image somehow

Week 3 - Critical thinking vs. Critical Voice

  • Use backlighting
  • Use the colour blue
  • Photograph the qualities of your inner BFF


KateSeager Blue Inner Voice + Lighting

Week 4 - Compassionate Communication

  • "Opposing Sides" needs assessment
  • Building a Bridge image - Use the colour teal -
  • Create an image that explains your cause in a way that might be able to even reach the opposition buy understanding their needs as well.

Week 5 :  Matters of the Heart + Posing + Styling

Click on the link above and see all of the content.

Pick a person that you are grateful for.

  • Ask at least 3 people that are also grateful for them to write down 5 specific reasons why they are grateful for that person.  Add your 5 reasons as well for that person.
  • Take a portrait of them incorporating the colour green somehow.
  • Get a Gift box and put their picture on the top of the gift box and put the papers with the reasons why people are grateful for them in the box.
  • Give them the box.
  • Repeat as many times as you can...because each time you do you will create a positive vacuum that will be filled with positive feelings towards you and towards that person for themselves.
  • Send in a photograph of the gift box full of gratitude.

Week 6: Postproduction + Grit +Building Creative Behaviours

  • Daily photo challenge.  Create a daily habit.
  • After I ___________________________________ I will take one photo, then I will celebrate by _____________________________.
  • Do this 8 times in a row quickly making it funnier and funnier as you celebrate...extra points for filming this and sending it to me as I would love to make a compilation pack and start a TikTok page...I'm not even kidding.   I promise to do it if you do :).   Ha ha ha it is literally "Click Happy"  get it!  Lordy I crack myself up.
  • Pick your favourite shot of the week to show us.
  • The colour is Yellow / Gold.
  • Bonus points if you use a new post-production technique that you have never tried before.
  • Our class is next Thursday at 5pm.
  • No Thursday intern meeting this week.
  • Can someone put their hand up to take over from Mattheus for posting to instagram for the next month who is an intern.  just email me if you can do it.

Week 7 + Week 8

So in Week 7 we are exploring our needs and our emotions.

Now open up this page :

You pick one word from the needs list and then pair it with either a word or emotion from the Grey or the Gold paper.

Shoot your image during week 7 and then focus on the post production aspects in week 8.

Note to parents:

We all hear about the evils of photoshop.  I should know I am making a whole movie about its impact on female body perception.  But here is the deal.  Photoshop can be used for good or evil.

In Click Happy we teach how to use it's powers for good.   The Adobe Creative Suite is a brilliant creative tool.  Some schools will have it available for the kids and some will not.  Having access to it on the home laptop will help your child to progress as a visual storyteller, and we need morally strong, ethically sound story tellers in the world so we need your child to be skilled up to tell those stories that can help to shape and change the world.

Adobe is a tool that will help them to do that.  Students get it for 70% off too.  So if budget allows it might be a good investment in their creativity.


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