Click Happy Challenge 1 – Mandi Lynn, your tutor & The Course “Housekeeping”


Hi I'm Mandi Lynn, your tutor

I'll be your photo mentor for the course.

I've worked as a professional photographer for the past 12 years but before that I was a holistic women's health nurse. I am self-taught meaning that I never went to university to learn photography but I do study it constantly and 12 years on I still learn something new every day. I'll let you in on little secret. In the beginning, I stank at it. Seriously. Blurry images that I didn't mean to be blury, dark figures in the front of a bright background when I wasn't trying to make a silouette. But I stuck at it and I was a sponge learning everything I could from anyone who would teach me. In 2017 I won New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year so I must have been doing something right with my homeschooling. Personally, I tend to create images that are a bit different like this green man photo. But you will have your own unique style and interest in imagery so I'm not going to be sharing much more of my stuff unless it is to prove a point. I would prefer to use your imagery in all of its variation and interest.

So what I plan on doing with you is teaching you over the next 10 days (and more with Clickhappy+) what it took me a year to wrap my head around before I reached out for help. Now I know it may sound difficult, but I have had kids in my live class learn it in 2 hours. I have had to adapt it to teaching online and I am going to do my best to make sure that you can learn just as well without me there physically showing you.

I am going to use what I have on hand while in isolation to teach this course. I have 9 animals (Chewy- Rabbit, Cats -Mojo, Mews, and the 5 chooks, Frizz, Lady Grey and the triplets) and my partner Craig who also has wild hair (he is the Green man in the photo).