UPLOAD Your Fun Image…

Lets start with a Photo Challenge.

I challenge you to go out and photograph something FUN that you have been doing during lockdown.

What has been the most entertaining thing that you have done so far? Pick up your camera and go take a photo!

… But First, What are the rules about photographing other people?

Consent. Simply consent. You must have their written permission to photograph them. You can get consent by printing out this form if you have a printer and giving them a chance to read and sign it. If you don’t have a printer then write out the words found on the document above and have them sign it. If you can’t recognize someone in your image you do not need a consent form. We need parental consent if you or one of your siblings can be recognized. And you need to upload it with your image every time you submit an image.

No model release means we cannot use your image ANYWHERE and we will have to ignore it!

I was wondering if I have to give Quick Model/Property Release if I was the one that I photographed?
If you are under 18…yep you do 🙂

So if there is a person, get a consent. (Horses and animals are okay 🙂 )

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