1 – Step 2 – How to label your images for storage AND before you send them to us.

This is very very very very very important to get early on.

When I first started shooting I didn’t have a labelling system for my work and I REALLY struggled to find them.

It would take me hours to find an image I wanted.

Now I have them sorted simply by doing the following:

  • I use date year first then month then day then camel case “subject”.
    • Year Month Day
    • CamelCaseIsWhenYouSquishWordsTogetherButYouCapitalizeTheStartOfEachNewWord
  • So my basic file name may look like this
    • 20200422ChewyTheRabbit.jpg
  • Now when I look for them, the date comes first and I know what the subject is.
  • When you upload your images to our system you will need to rename your file this way:
    • Change your image file name to the following: YearMonthDayFirstnameLastInitialAgeCountryDifferentIsolation for example: 20200313MoanaD10NewZealandDifferentIsolation.jpg
    • This way we can match your image to you easily and we know which challenge it is related to and so do you.

If you dont label your images correctly, they may be uploaded to Instagram/Facebook without your details.

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