1 – Step 6 – Access the Communication Channels

To get access to FlipGrid, the Forum and Portfolios, your parent needs to fill in a consent form, and upload it on the parent page :
Click this Link https://clickhappy.org/parent/

Flip Grid + Video Communication with Mandi

Flip grid is great for Visual learners who might do better if things are in video format. There is space here to share things you find out about using your camera. As well as a space you can ask me a question using video. I will check in once a day to answer back.

Online forum

Where you can ask questions, help each other and talk about your images. (We are in the process of setting this up)

Building your Portfolio

We use google slides to build our portfolio of images that we create during the workshop. Building a portfolio does a couple of things.

  1. You get to see your progress.
  2. Others in your group can see what you are doing and leave messages for you including me.
  3. You can create a PDF from the slides when you are done and show your teacher or family
  4. If you find that you have fallen deeply in love with photography and you want to learn much more you can use your portfolio to apply for
    Click Happy Plus. (Scholarships are availible to some areas in NZ).

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