Info : Start Your Portfolio

In addition to submitting your images, you may want to consider starting a portfolio of what you are creating.

A portfolio will help you visualise your progress too. A project you can look back at and see how far you have come and see your improvement and ability.

There is a draft portfolio you can make a copy of and then start creating your own portfolio.

Click here to an example Portfolio for you to copy and edit
You will need to have a “Google Account” open

“Make a Copy” of the Portfolio

Rename your Portfolio so you can find it!

The copy will be saved to your Google Drive.

The portfolio you create will be used to judge who gets invited to the Click Happy Plus program. So be consistent and thoughtful in your work and you will have a very good chance of getting even more support to become the best photographer you can be.

If you want to get into Click Happy Plus and you are afraid they are not good enough. Don’t worry. Just keep shooting. You can submit a new portfolio each month and if I see grit, you are more than likely to get in, because grit is what really makes an artist in the long run. And I like to see persistence and passion.


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